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Why are you more hungry during your period?

  1. Many women have an insatiable hunger just before and during their period. Biscuits, chips and a lot of chocolate; everything goes in. Is that purely psychological, or is there some other reason that you are more hungry during your period?

  1. Biscuits, a whole bag of chips or a spoonful of chocolate spread, straight from the jar: during menstruation it is difficult for many women to contain themselves. If they don't watch out, they snitch all day long. And that is not beneficial for the line. Why aren't you able to stop those binge eating now? You can blame your hormones for that.

Mood swings and no sex drive

  1. Your hormone balance goes in all directions just before and during your period. As a result, you are more irritable, especially in the last week before your period, you may suffer from mood swings, you are sometimes more anxious or depressed and your sex drive has almost disappeared or your libido is rising .

Estrogen as a hunger suppressant

  1. The hormone estrogen is known to cause a positive feeling. When your estrogen level is up to standard, you will feel better and you can also deal better with stress. In addition, estrogen has been scientifically shown to inhibit appetite. But that estrogen moves - just like your period - in a cycle. During your period the level starts to rise, the following week the estrogen level is at its highest, in week three your amount of estrogen drops very quickly and in week four your estrogen level reaches its lowest point.

Progesterone increases appetite

  1. Progesterone is a hormone that counteracts the positive effects of estrogen. This hormone makes you sleepy, makes you feel like nothing and has an influence on your appetite: your appetite is increasing. In the third week of your cycle, when your estrogen decreases rapidly, your body produces progesterone. That has decreased slightly in the last week, but the progesterone still dominates the estrogen. So just before and during your period, the level of the hunger suppressant estrogen drops, while the hormone level that makes you hungry - that progesterone - rises. No wonder you have an insatiable appetite.

Stress hormone cortisol

  1. As mentioned, you can handle stress better if your estrogen level is at the right level. During your period, however, that estrogen is not only lower, but the level of the stress hormone cortisol is slightly increased. As a result, you burn sugary foods faster and you also feel more like carbohydrate-rich foods such as chips, pizza and all kinds of sweet things.

Happiness hormone serotonin

  1. At the same time, your serotonin level also drops under the influence of the estrogen level. By eating carbohydrates and starch, your body will produce extra serotonin. So you really feel happier after eating. Hunger during your period therefore has a purely physical cause. But there are a few things you can do to tackle those binge eating: ten tips against menstrual cravings. A A

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