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Why can you sleep well with warm milk and tuna?

  1. Everyone wants a good night's sleep, so that they wake up refreshed after a long night's sleep. However, being able to sleep well is not for every person, because we worry, lead a stressed life or eat too late. Physical causes can also be a reason for this, as a result of which we do not get enough rest. What are the substances in milk and tuna that can help you fall asleep?

Sleep well: warm milk and tuna

  1. Why do we need to rest well? How long should sleep last? What is Tryptophan? Have a meal before going to bed Which products does the substance contain? Taking in pill form and sleeping well

Why do we need to rest well?

  1. During the day we gain many experiences, whereby the brain has a large amount of information

How long should sleep last?

  1. Strictly speaking, the time required depends on the condition of the body and how old the person is. Young children

What is tryptophan?

  1. The body's own substance tryptophan

Have a meal before going to bed

  1. It happens to all of us from time to time. The body gets tired after a good meal

Which products contains the substance?

  1. Milk, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, soy beans, banana, salmon, turkey and tuna are some examples that are known to contain tryptophan. Taking a combination bite before going to sleep is therefore very helpful. Think of a warm sesame bun with a piece of salmon or tuna. You rinse this away with warm milk. It is important that you warm the small bite for a while, because it gives a more pleasant feeling in the stomach. In addition, the heat accelerates sleep generation. Make sure you only take a single sandwich and one glass of milk

Taking in pill form and sleeping well

  1. The most important factor in sleep induction is tryptophan. The healthiest way to take it is through a small snack, but you can also get it in supplement form. Take before sleeping

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