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Why you shouldn't eat too much cinnamon

  1. In the apple pie, through an autumn stew or a pinch over your oatmeal: cinnamon gives dishes a sweet and warm aroma. It is not wise to use cinnamon powder in large quantities. This spice naturally contains a toxic substance.

  1. Cinnamon is made from the cinnamon tree. The sticks are pieces of inner bark of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon powder is the ground variant. A variety of health benefits have been attributed to cinnamon.

Ceylon or China

  1. There are different types of cinnamon, including Ceylon cinnamon (in Latin: Cinnamom verum) and Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamom cassia). Ceylon cinnamon is named after its country of origin, Sri Lanka, which was previously called Ceylon. We also call Chinese cinnamon cassia, cassia or cassia. Cassia trees originally only grew in China, but this type of cinnamon is now also produced in other countries with a tropical climate.

Plant poison coumarin

  1. Chinese cinnamon naturally contains coumarin. This substance is also found in other plants, such as tonka beans and bergamot. It gives a distinctive taste and smell. Coumarin is also found in all kinds of foods to which Chinese cinnamon has been added, such as gingerbread, speculaas and cinnamon tea. Coumarin is a plant poison: a substance that probably protects the cinnamon tree against diseases and natural enemies. All kinds of vegetables, herbs and legumes that we eat contain various types of plant toxins. They can be found in tomatoes, potatoes, linseed, mushrooms, basil and soybeans, for example.

Too much is harmful

  1. Taking in too many plant toxins can be harmful. Fortunately, the chance that you will really get sick is very small. The plants we eat contain a low level of plant toxins. And the amount of poison decreases even further during the storage and preparation of your food. Too much coumarin can lead to liver damage. Coumarin also inhibits blood clotting and can cause potentially dangerous bleeding. Using excessive amounts of coumarin for long periods of time could be carcinogenic.


  1. As a precaution, the Nutrition Center advises not to eat a lot of Chinese cinnamon or products containing it for a long time. Do not use cinnamon everywhere, but alternate with other herbs and spices. If you eat a varied diet, your health is not at risk. The coumarin content of Ceylon cinnamon is very low, so if you like to eat cinnamon, you better buy that kind of cinnamon.

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