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Women: why a glass of wine is good for you

  1. The effects of a glass of wine on the body of women are not so bad according to scientific research. What are the benefits of wine for a woman? When are the effects of wine on the female body beneficial? How much wine does the woman have to drink to achieve the beneficial effects? Is wine good for your diet? Is it true that wine gives a woman stronger bones?


  1. What are the positive effects of drinking wine on a female body? According to scientific studies on the effects of wine on a woman's body, the results are not so bad. There are many benefits in the body, if the woman has a glass of wine every now and then. The effects are especially beneficial on the female body if the woman occasionally drinks a glass of wine.


  1. Is it true that a glass of wine increases the resistance of women? If you feel a cold coming on, in addition to a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a glass of wine (bordeaux!) Drinking is excellent! The anti-oxidants that are (especially) in bordeaux give your resistance a real boost. The antioxidants in wines such as a Bordeaux make you less prone to a cold.

Good for the diet?

  1. Is wine good for your diet? Scientists at the University of Cambridge found that a glass of red wine with a meal prevents fat from being stored. Scientists at Harvard University come up with similar results: women who drink a glass to a glass and a half of red wine daily are slimmer than women who don't drink.

Strong bones

  1. Is it true that drinking wine makes a woman stronger bones? If a woman drinks a glass of wine every day, she has 1% less risk of fractures. Wine slightly inhibits the breakdown of bones.

Live longer

  1. Is it true that drinking red wine makes you live longer? According to Danish scientists, the secret to a longer life would indeed lie in drinking red wine. The flavonoids in wine are chemical compounds that protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals. Note: a glass of red wine per day.

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