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Yoga postures � karnapidasana (inverted plow pose)

  1. Karnapidasana is a variant of halasana (plow pose) and can be performed in combination with this yoga posture. The 'reverse plow pose' is easier than meets the eye. It is an excellent workout for making the back flexible. However, only do this exercise if you have mastered the preparatory halasana. The passive stretching of the spine makes karnapidasana very relaxing. Consistent exercise also ensures supple shoulders over time. You will fall asleep faster if you perform this yoga posture before going to bed. In addition, karnapidasana stimulates and normalizes thyroid function.


  1. Origin of karnapidasana (reverse plow pose) Technic Considerations Elaboration Health Effects of Karnapidasana (Reverse Plow Pose) Therapy

Origin of karnapidasana (inverted plow pose)

  1. Karna is Sanskrit and means 'ear'. Pida has several meanings, including 'pressure' (in this asana against the ear), but the word also refers to 'pain' and 'torment'. Asana means '(sitting) posture' and forms the third phase of the eightfold yoga path of Patanjali (Yoga Sutras). With this variant


  1. Before venturing into karnapidasana, focus on the correct performance and mastery of halasana (plow pose). Bend the back carefully, not jerkily. Prevent you thus the muscles

Points of attention

  1. Do not force the back and neck muscles. As a novice, you may find it difficult to get your knees to the floor. However, as the back becomes more supple, it will become increasingly successful and karnapidasana will become a relaxation position for you


  1. Karnapidasana is a classic asana in hatha yoga. It is a very relaxing yoga posture, despite the fact that the spine is stretched considerably. After all, with the help of gravity it is a passive stretching. The trunk and legs remain equally passive. This soothing position relaxes the back muscles and ensures good blood flow and massage of the abdominal organs, including the liver and spleen. Also the thyroid

Health Effects of Karnapidasana (Reverse Plow Pose)

  1. Stay in karnapidasana for as long as is comfortable, do not violate the back muscles. Gradually the body will do what you ask for. This very effective back position restores mental tension

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