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Yoga postures � parsva halasana (twisted plow posture)

  1. Parsva halasana is a variant of halasana (plow pose). The 'rotated plow pose' intensifies this basic position, in which the feet with straight legs rest on the floor not behind but next to the head. The benefits of parsva halasana are similar to halasana. This excellent back stretching exercise is used in many yoga schools as preparation for pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. As with all torsion positions, people with chronic constipation can benefit greatly from parsva halasana.


  1. Origin of parsva halasana (twisted plow pose) Technic Considerations Elaboration Health benefits of parsva halasana (twisted plow pose) Therapy

Origin of parsva halasana (twisted plow pose)

  1. The Sanskrit word parsva means "side" or "flank". And hala means 'plow'. Asana is another word for '(sitting) posture' and is the third phase of the eightfold yoga path of Patanjali (Yoga Sutras). Parsva halasana is a classic yoga posture from hatha yoga


  1. Parsva halasana makes the back very limber and in that respect is comparable to, for example, ardha matsyendrasana. Take care when performing this variant of halasana

Points of attention

  1. While performing parsva halasana, keep legs straight, upper body perpendicular to the floor. The chin lock (jalandhara bandha) is a good indication that this has been successful. So don't let the muscles relax for a moment, but don't force them. Follow the path of gradualness, one of the key points in hatha yoga


  1. Parsva halasana has a strengthening effect on the back and the abdominal muscles. Due to the lateral rotation of the lower body, the abdominal pressure decreases

Health Benefits of Parsva Halasana (Twisted Plow Pose)

  1. Avoid this exercise for back and neck complaints that are not due to fatigue. Then first get medical advice. Parsva halasana is often used to prepare for pranayama

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