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Yoga postures � pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose)

  1. Pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose) is an advanced yoga practice. Beginners will need a lot of patience, dedication and well-trained shoulders to master. In the Feathered Peacock Pose, the weight of the whole body balances on the forearms. Pincha mayurasana has many benefits and is an excellent remedy for stress. The shoulders and back muscles get a thorough workout. Body build and posture develop harmoniously. The novice yogi who has difficulty with the headstand (sirsasana) will find pincha mayurasana an easier 'version' while the benefits are comparable to those of the headstand.


  1. Origin of pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose) Technic Considerations Elaboration Health effects of pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose) Therapy

Origin of pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose)

  1. Pincha means 'feathered' and mayura means 'peacock'. Asana is Sanskrit for '(sitting) posture)'. Pincha mayurasana is a good balancing act


  1. While completing this asana, try to get the upper body perpendicular to the floor. This requires a lot of flexibility of the shoulders. That's why it's so important to master the beginner postures first. You will then develop a sense of balance and flexible joints in a playful way. Beginner postures are the foundation of any further progression in hatha yoga

Points of attention

  1. As a beginner, first practice at a wall. This will prevent you from falling backwards if you lose your balance and possibly sustain an injury. As you progress, you will no longer need that wall. Your self-confidence will have grown so much that you can possibly adopt this yoga posture in the middle of a room. It is also important that you keep the elbows parallel and at shoulder width. Be aware that the forearms tend to move away from each other once all of the body weight is on them. Pincha mayurasana can be a good alternative for those who have the headstand (salamba sirsasana I


  1. Pincha mayurasana is an excellent yoga posture for strengthening the shoulders and arm muscles. The abdominal, leg and back muscles and wrists are also well trained. Furthermore, the exercise increases the ability to concentrate. People who suffer from stress could benefit greatly from pincha mayurasana. In addition, the "Feathered Peacock Pose" is an exercise that enhances the general development of body build and posture

Health effects of pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose)

  1. Pincha mayurasana is a great yoga posture for training the physical and, in its wake, mental balance. Being able to stay focused better is one of the advantages

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