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Yoga postures � utkatasana (chair posture)

  1. Utkatasana (chair pose) is pre-eminently a yoga posture for training the ankles, calves, knees and thighs. Typically an asana that the novice yogi will be able to use and imagine himself sitting on an imaginary chair. However, this seemingly simple exercise becomes more difficult the deeper one sinks the knees. Then it comes down to concentrated persistence without forcing. Utkatasana defies gravity and is an excellent asana for developing balance, strength and harmony. People with flat feet and lack of energy could benefit greatly from utkatasana.


  1. Origin of utkatasana (chair pose) Technic Considerations Elaboration Health effects of utkatasana (chair position) Therapy

Origin of utkatasana (chair pose)

  1. The name 'chair' for this standing posture from hatha yoga is only an interpretation of the sight of utkatasana. At the completion of this yoga posture it only appears as if one is sitting on an imaginary chair. The Sanskrit word utkata means 'difficult', 'extraordinary', 'superior'. The name suggests that utkatasana's apparent simplicity is deceptive. Asana means '(sitting) posture' and is the third phase of the eightfold yoga path of Patanjali (Yoga-Sutras


  1. In hatha yoga forcing is out of the question to prevent injuries. This applies to all yoga postures and certainly also to utkatasana. The exercise does not therefore have to be performed perfectly immediately. After all, yoga has no competitive element. Patience and persistence are some of the key concepts that will help you end up in the most difficult yoga postures

Points of attention

  1. Utkatasana seems simple, but requires a lot of concentration and stamina


  1. The deeper you bend your knees, the more the four-headed thigh muscle (musculus quadriceps femoris) is required to do. Practice the chair position gently and gradually. When properly performed, this yoga posture will strengthen the knees by training the ligaments and muscles that make up these joints

Health effects of utkatasana (chair position)

  1. The degree to which you can lower your knees in utkatasana depends a great deal on the strength of your quadriceps

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