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Yoga postures � viparita karani (half candle posture)

  1. Viparita karani is praised in the yoga world as the ideal rejuvenation position. Even the Gheranda-samhita, a classic Indian yoga scripture, praises it. Viparita karani is the simplest of all the 'inverted' asanas, such as sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulder stand). That does not alter the fact that despite its simplicity, the benefits are enormous. For example, it is an excellent exercise for those who suffer from hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Moreover, viparita karani is the perfect asana to prevent these ailments. A starting cold is also nipped in the bud. According to the yoga manuals, viparita karani can be performed after halasana (plow pose), as an 'intermediate step' when entering sarvangasana or as a final step after a practice session.


  1. Origin of viparita karani (half candle position) Technic Considerations Elaboration Health benefits of viparita karani (half candle position) Therapy

Origin of viparita karani (half candle position)

  1. The Sanskrit word viparita means "reversed", and karani means "effect," "to do" or "to act." Asana is another word for '(sitting) posture)' and is the third phase of the eightfold yoga path of Patanjali (Yoga Sutras). According to the Indian yoga view, this classic asana from hatha yoga has


  1. Some yoga teachers consider viparita karani to be the "mother of all asanas." In most yoga courses

Points of attention

  1. With your hands you do not support the trunk, but the pelvis. Partly in this respect, viparita karani distinguishes itself from sarvangasana (candle position). Continue to breathe slowly, place the center of gravity on abdominal breathing. This prevents blood congestion in the head. Relax the neck, shoulders and face. Make sure that the body weight is on the arms and that there is a balance between the trunk and the legs that are stretched backwards. This ensures relaxation of the body as a whole. Get medical advice first if you suffer from high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid or if you have neck problems


  1. Viparita karani activates, vitalizes and rejuvenates. All organs and glands benefit from performing this reverse asana regularly. This yoga posture also restores the hormonal balance and the resistance is increased, so that a starting cold, for example, does not persist. The heart also comes to rest. Any blood congestion (veins) in the legs and lower body will disappear, so that viparita karani has a beneficial effect on varicose veins

Health benefits of viparita karani (half candle position)

  1. The half candle position is a refreshing and very vitalizing yoga posture that has many advantages. The Gheranda samhita praises it in the following (freely translated) terms: 'The yogi who devotes himself to viparita karani nullifies the decay of physical and mental powers and conquers death. He doesn't even die during pralaya. ' (Gheranda-samhita

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