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Zika virus: symptoms, cause, treatment and prognosis

  1. Zika virus symptoms are mild and short-lived (2-7 days). Zika virus symptoms resemble those of dengue and yellow fever and include fever, joint pain, muscle pain, conjunctivitis (red eyes), pain behind the eyeballs, headache, general weakness, rash, lower leg swelling and less common symptoms such as vomiting , diarrhea and stomach pain. Zika virus is transmitted by the lick of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. About 4 days (varies between 3-12 days) after the sting by an infected mosquito, you will show the first complaints and symptoms. The period between infection and the first symptoms is called the 'incubation period'. In the Netherlands, infection with the Zika virus is only diagnosed in people who have contracted it abroad, especially Suriname. The Zika virus is also active in Cura�ao. Adults with Zika can also spread the disease through unprotected sexual contact or a blood transfusion.

What is the Zika virus?

  1. Mosquito bites The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of Zika virus are symptoms such as fever, rash, joint pain

Causes and risk factors

  1. Transfer

Zika virus and pregnancy

  1. According to the RIVM there are indications that a Zika virus infection during pregnancy

Zika virus symptoms in babies

  1. Pregnant mothers infected with the Zika virus can pass the disease to their children in utero or around birth. A baby born with Zika can have birth defects such as microcephaly. With microcephaly, a person has a smaller head than normal. Babies with microcephaly can also have macular and optic nerve damage, which can lead to blind spots (scotomas) in vision, or decreased peripheral vision (reduced vision on the sides). If these eye problems

Zika virus diagnosis

  1. Blood test Diagnosis is no easy feat. Zika symptoms are similar to dengue and chikungunya, which are caused by other viruses but spread by the same type of mosquitoes. The doctor conducts blood tests

Forecast and outlook

  1. Usually mild attrition

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