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10 tips for a slim gourmet

  1. With Saint Nicholas or gourmet Christmas. That is tradition in many families. But of course you want to avoid making the holidays more difficult than you started it. Fortunately, you can turn it into a sleek gourmet without much effort. And that is not at the expense of taste.

  1. Gourmet: it's simple and delicious. The table is filled with fatty meats, creamy sauces and baguette with herb butter. This freedom is nice, but can also be dangerous if the table is full of unhealthy things. With these ten tips you are already well on your way. to a slimmer gourmet.

Tip 1. Replace your slave finch with tartare, pork tenderloin or game

  1. During a gourmet evening you eat your fill of all kinds of meat products. There is nothing wrong with this, because meat is full of proteins and vitamins. Then choose the lean varieties and exchange your slavink or sausage for a nice piece of steak, or even better: game.

Tip 2. Alternate meat with fish

  1. Gourmet cooking is often associated with the preparation of meat, but fish is also great on the gourmet. Make sure you use a separate pan for it, because it is of course a shame if your meat tastes like fish. Lean fish is, for example, such as cod, haddock, skate, Victoria bass, plaice, halibut, hake and tilapia. These are full of protein and low in fat and calories. Extra tip: Do not immediately step on the scale the day after Christmas. Keep 2-3 balance days where you eat a lot of vegetables and drink at least 3 liters of water a day

Tip 3. Make sure there is enough greenery

  1. You don't easily think about it, but vegetables are delicious to stir-fry in your pan. Also remember to put some raw vegetables and a fresh salad on the table.

Tip 4. Economical with sauce

  1. Gourmets naturally require sauce. These are often fatty sauces in which the meat sometimes drowns. Try to stay away from the different sauces or opt for a healthy version such as ketchup or curry. Red sauces are less fat than the white variety. Of course you can also make your own slim sauces.

Tip 5. Fry in oil and not butter

  1. You subconsciously use a lot of butter while gourmet. This year, opt for a healthier variety: olive oil, wok oil or coconut oil. You don't even have to use anything on a non-stick coating.

Tip 6. Don't eat full bread

  1. Sometimes it takes a while before the meat is cooked. In no time, while waiting, you have already consumed three pieces of baguette, with or without herb butter. Try to stay away from it (hint: think about raw vegetables on the table!). If that doesn't work, try to eat less of it and alternate the herb butter with some oil flavored with garlic or other herbs.

Tip 7. Drink in moderation

  1. In December the glasses are constantly filled with wine, soft drinks or beer. Nobody expects you not to drink at all, but at least try to moderate (maximum two glasses per evening) and drink a glass of water with every glass of wine or beer.

Tip 8. Only when eating

  1. Try to drink your first glass of wine with dinner. Not only do you avoid 2 to 3 wines with a drink (that saves calories!), But you are also a lot brighter at the end of the evening. Last advantage: alcohol blurs your boundaries and you often eat more than you planned in advance. By drinking less you keep control yourself (see also tip 7).

Tip 9. Snacks

  1. Who says that before eating a drink has to be accompanied by bowls full of fatty snacks? Make a crudite dish (different raw vegetables) with a light yogurt dip and put some raw, unsalted nuts on the table.

Tip 10. End with a healthy dessert We tend to end with a grand dessert. After all, it is a party. And then everyone eats it relentlessly. End with a fresh fruit salad. Nice and light and healthy! Anything extra? Think of a scoop of sorbet ice cream. Don't miss anything?

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