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7 reasons to eat rye bread more often

  1. Do you only eat rye bread with a bowl of pea soup? Then it is time to buy a package more often. Because there are many reasons why you should eat rye bread. We list 7 for you.

1. It's delicious

  1. Rye bread really tastes completely different from wheat bread. It is made from predominantly rye flour. The compact bread often tastes a bit sweet. The sweetness comes from the long baking time of rye bread. Baking rye bread takes much longer than baking wheat bread. The starch in the rye grains is converted into the sweeter sugars, which caramelize again during baking. This provides the sweet taste and also the darker color of the bread. Incidentally, there are different types of rye bread: the very dark Frisian rye bread is made from whole rye grains. It tastes the sweetest and is slightly moist in the middle. The Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland rye bread consists of ground rye combined with wheat flour. It is lighter in color and more firm in structure and less sweet. Southern rye bread has a harder crust. Sourdough is often used as a raising agent, just like in Germany. As a result, Limburg rye bread, for example, can have a somewhat sour (slightly tart) taste.

2. Perfect basic stock

  1. Because rye bread is baked for so long, it has a much longer shelf life than wheat bread. It does not go moldy so quickly. Handy if you always want to have some bread in stock. Once a packet of rye bread has arrived, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator. An open package will then remain good for 7 days.

3. Good for variety

  1. Healthy eating is primarily a varied diet. Variation in grain products does not only mean choosing products made from wheat. And that is quite difficult because bread, rusk, toast and pasta are mostly made of wheat. Rye bread offers you a perfect opportunity to vary. Other products that contain rye flour are rare, only gingerbread, crispbread and real gingerbread cookies contain rye flour.

4. Whole wheat

  1. Frisian rye bread in particular is 100% whole grain. It is made from the whole rye grain. The lighter types of rye bread therefore contain (often wholemeal) wheat flour. Look on the packaging for the exact composition. All in all, rye bread is a good source of fiber. And fiber is important for the functioning of your intestines. The fibers in rye are special. Rye contains pentosans, a special type of fiber that can absorb a lot of moisture. Those moisture-absorbing fibers help to smooth bowel movements.

5. Feeling full faster

  1. Due to the high fiber content, rye bread also quickly provides a feeling of satiety. You are less hungry after a meal with rye bread than after a regular slice of bread. It takes a bit lower for your stomach to process the bread and so there is room for something else again. So if you're on a leash, a slice of rye bread instead of regular bread is a great option.

6. No rapid rise in blood sugar

  1. Because rye bread keeps your stomach sweet for so long, the nutrients are also delivered to your intestines little by little. This means that the sugars from the bread are not absorbed very quickly. This is called a low glycemic index, it does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugars.

7. Minerals Whole grains always provide a lot of minerals. Rye bread also contains potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. The iron content is especially high: 1 slice of Frisian rye bread provides you with 10 percent of what you need in iron in a day. Don't miss anything?

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