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Advantages and disadvantages of soft drinks

  1. Soft drinks are mainly known for their great taste and negative impact on your health. But is this actually well substantiated? This article explains what exactly is bad about soda! What are the pros and cons, what is the long-term effect and what is actually in soft drinks? Nowadays there is too much negative talk about carbonated drinks and instead of soft drinks, people drink fruit juices, these are healthier, but also contain a lot of sugar.

  1. First, a brief refresher on the history of soft drinks. This term has been used for 55 years and it stands for carbonated lemonade. Sports drinks and energy drinks do not fall under this term, but are considered soft drinks by the Dutch Commodities Act. Together composition of soft drinks is usually:

  1. Disadvantages of soft drinks

  1. I'll start with the bad news, below a small list with some of the disadvantages of soft drinks:

  1. These are of course not all disadvantages, but the most common ones. The many calories in soft drinks simply make you fat faster! A glass of Coca Cola quickly contains more than 100 calories, which is why soft drinks are seen as one of the major causes of obesity. Every year the average Dutch person drinks just under 100 liters of soft drinks a year (95 liters) and it is therefore not surprising that more and more people are walking around with overweight.

  1. A study of 5500 students showed that when you drink a lot of soft drinks, the risk of mental health problems increases greatly. Anxiety, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and the feeling of hopelessness (depression) are triggered by an excess of soft drinks.

  1. Due to the many sugars, this also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Diabetes 2 can also be stimulated. This is the result among approximately 90,000 Americans.

  1. Besides sugar, soft drinks also contain a certain acid, which affects your tooth enamel. There has been a test where they put teeth in a glass of soda. After 25 hours, an average of 100 micrometers of tooth enamel is damaged.

  1. Due to the growing negative impression of soft drinks, the products have come up with something clever, namely soft drink light! Just think, about 80% of all soft drinks have a "light" version, which suggests that this form is more healthy than the original one. But is this actually the case? There are indeed a lot less calories in it, but this does not mean that you can consider them as a healthy drink. All manufacturers of the light version have managed to convey this idea through sly advertisements. There are many commercials on the video channel YouTube where after watching you get the impression that they are even healthy for you.

  1. Light varieties are full of artificial sweeteners that contain no calories but still taste sweet. There are many disadvantages associated with these artificial sweeteners. The biggest downside is that when you consume a lot of artificial sweeteners, you get more sugar! Your body responds to the sweet taste of the soda and expects the insulin level in your body to rise. Due to the missing sugars in your body, your body starts to crave sugars. In some cases it is even so bad that you can eat all day long!

  1. In general, soda is not wrong for you, PROVIDED you drink it in moderation of course. There are people who drink bottles of soft drinks every day and they experience the consequences. My advice is just drink WATER instead of soft drinks!

  1. The only advantage I can find is the fact that a nice glass of Coca Cola or Fanta is very tasty every now and then! Does anyone know more benefits? Then I would like to hear that:) [!MOWPOP id = "128"]

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