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All about her weave

  1. Who wouldn't want it? A full head of hair? Curly, straight or wavy, it's all possible with hair weave. How do those celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce get so much hair? This is the solution: hair weave. Read all about her weave here.

What is her weave anyway?

  1. Hair weave are mats of hair that are woven or sewn to your own hair while. Now you ask yourself how do they get stuck? This by means of "cornrows" and yarn your hair weave stays in place.

Hair weave options

  1. You can choose from several options: you can choose to weave your entire head. They braid your entire hair, you then have as it were only cornrows here they sew on the weave. Only the weave is visible, your entire hair is braided so they are no longer visible.

How long will her weave last?

  1. How long does the hair weave actually last? This is different for everyone. One's hair grows very quickly and the other a little slower. But you can count on about 2 to 3 months, maybe even 4 months. Do not let it sit for too long because then your hair can break with taking out your hair weave. Your hair grows through and through and eventually it will get tangles. When the hair weave has to be taken out, this can be a very difficult job. It can break your hair and cause it to break. So just be on time to have your hair weave taken out and there will be no problem at all.

Hair loss

  1. When your hair weave is out and you see a bunch of hair on the floor, don't be alarmed. These are all dead hairs that normally fall out. Because the hair is braided, the hair has nowhere to go. So when you have the hair weave removed, these hairs will also go along. A normal person loses about 100 hairs every day. Usually it is not so bad with taking out the hair weave. But it is only to warn you not to be alarmed, because this is very normal.

Which hair types is weave suitable for?

  1. Hair weave is suitable for all hair types. Do you have style, wavy or curly hair, it does not matter. Anyone can have her weave put in. Most people opt for extension and padding. When you have frizzy hair, most choose to braid the entire head. The best quality weave hair is Brazillian hair. This is therefore highly recommended. You can use her weave a number of times.

The care for hair weave

  1. The hair weave should not be washed too often. It requires washing the hair weave about once every two weeks. You can wash your own hair more often. When you wash hair, wash well between the cornrows and rinse very well. If you don't rinse it out properly, it can itch and irritate. It is also necessary to dry your hair very well so that it is completely dry. If the hair remains moist, it can start to stink, because the hair is no longer alive as if it were. It is best to also use a good conditioner from the same brand of shampoo.

Disadvantages hair weave

  1. Her weave also has some drawbacks. You can have a headache in the first week. Your scalp can also become very itchy. This itching can quickly be remedied by a product that you can get where you put the hair weave. The best part is that it is a bit greasy. The itching will soon stop. The headache is caused by the cornrows that are very tightly placed on your scalp. The hair has also become a lot heavier in one go and your body has to get used to that. If you leave the hair on too long, your hair can break off, but that is completely up to you.

Hair weave benefits

  1. Of course, her weave has many advantages! Your hair is a lot longer and you have volume in your hair. When you have hair weave, this is very difficult to distinguish with your real hair. People will not see when you have a hair weave. The hair weave is also not visible, which you do have with extensions. So a hair weave is highly recommended!

How much do I spend on a hair weave?

  1. A hair weave is not cheap! You pay for the use of your hair and for the hair itself. It just depends on how many mats of hair you have to use. It also depends on the quality of the hair you buy. It is best to buy Brazilian hair. This is the best quality there is. Of course it also depends on how many inches you buy (the length). On average, you will have lost around € 250. You pay per lane and the price also depends on the lengths. You also pay for the use of your hair. It is recommended that you have it done by a professional.

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