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Alternative lettuce leaves for an original salad

  1. You can buy lettuce in the store, but there are many other leaves you can eat lettuce. It is nice for variety to vary with lettuce. An alternative lettuce leaf such as dandelion leaf is nice and tender and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. You can buy a head of lettuce and supplement it with alternative lettuce leaves from your own garden, or make an entire salad from alternative lettuce.

Fresh herbs instead of dried herbs

  1. Besides using lettuce leaves to make a lettuce, it is also a good idea to use the leaves of fresh herbs. Fresh basil, celery or chives


  1. Chicory


  1. Plantain

Angelica leaf

  1. The angelica

Ground ivy

  1. Ground ivy


  1. Yarrow

Dandelion Leaf

  1. Dandelion leaves have a slightly bitter taste but that disappears into a lettuce mix. As with almost all wild vegetables

Celery leaf

  1. Celery


  1. Spinach


  1. Kale

Chinese cabbage

  1. Chinese cabbage

Daisy leaf and flower

  1. There are many more flowers to eat, but daisy is the most common edible variety. Also try the leaves. Daisies, together with other flowers, can make the salad extra cheerful. Read here

Clover flower and leaves

  1. The clover

Nettle leaf

  1. Nettle, there is only one thing against this herb: eat it! If you are going to use nettle then it is good to blanch it or blanch it

Wash wild leaves

  1. When picking leaves from the wild it is very wise not to use plants of which you are not 100% sure what they are. You should also wash it well. You can pour it over with boiling water for washing; then you know for sure that it no longer contains bacteria. You can also wash it in a container with plenty of cold water or rinse it under running water.

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