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Anxiety Symptoms, Signs and Characteristics

  1. Many people suffer from anxiety, anxiety, anxiety attacks or an anxiety disorder. One person suffers from a mild form of fear, the other negatively influences his feelings of fear throughout his life. People who experience fear in their life are often irritable and respond tiredly to their environment. What anxiety symptoms, anxiety symptoms and anxiety characteristics are there? Which substances and stimuli of the senses reinforce a person's feelings of fear? An overview:

Many people suffer from fear

  1. Many people suffer from anxiety, anxiety and anxiety disorders. Many people experience some form of total panic every day. More people than you might think. About 1 in 10 adults has a truly serious anxiety disorder, which can range from mild anxiety to severe phobia.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

  1. Everyone knows moments in daily life that we are afraid of, of which we feel a certain fear. Experiencing a moment of fear every now and then is not always fun, but we can get over it. However, there are people who have to process such an amount of fear on a daily basis that permanent fear symptoms and fear characteristics have arisen in those people. Symptoms and features we may have mistaken for (eg) fatigue.

Symptoms of acute anxiety, symptoms acute anxiety attack

  1. Depressed feelings, Extreme fear, Rapid breathing, Increased heartrate, Palpitations, Excessive transparency, High bloodpressure, Hot flushes, Cold shivers, Dry mouth, Dizziness, Headache, Threat of fainting.

Symptoms of chronic anxiety

  1. Feeling weak, Stiff muscles, Stiff, painful neck muscles, Stiff, painful shoulder muscles, Sleep disturbances, Depression, No need for sex, Unable to relax Nightmares, Hyperventilation.

Characteristic fear

  1. Persons who exhibit the following fear characteristics, or some of the following fear characteristics, should immediately make an appointment with their GP:

When fear and panic influence and determine daily life

  1. If stress, anxiety and panic are negatively disrupting your daily life, make an appointment with your doctor! Even if you are unsure whether fear actually affects and determines your life negatively, make an appointment with your doctor!

Substances that arouse and amplify fear and panic

  1. Substances that amplify fears, anxiety and panic are:

Excessive stimulation of the senses increases fear and panic!

  1. At a time in your life where you have a lot of fear and anxiety, you should be very careful about over-stimulating your senses. This over-stimulation intensifies the fear, the anxiety and the panic feelings. This over-stimulation of the senses also amplifies all anxiety symptoms! Excessive stimulation of the senses are:

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