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Are Hot Tubs Good For You?

  1. It can be wonderful and very relaxing to use a hot tub. The water and air jets of the whirlpool massage your body and give you a wonderfully relaxed feeling. A whirlpool makes you feel better. The question is of course: Is the bubble bath healthy for everyone? Or maybe not?

Hot Tubs

  1. A whirlpool is a heated bath, with temperatures around 37-38 degrees Celsius. Bubbles are formed in the bath by means of air and rise from various openings in the bottom and / or side of the bath. Water jets are often used to give the air bubbles more power. The bubbles and water jets massage the body, because you already have more buoyancy in water, the bubbles and water jets can easily reach everything. The English term whirlpool is also used instead of the term bubble bath. An American brand of these hot tubs, Jacuzzi, is so well known that some people refer to a Jacuzzi instead of the term whirlpool bath or whirlpool, even though they use a whirlpool of a completely different brand. [! 173228 => 1130 = 6046!] A clean bubble bath, please

  1. A hot tub is often placed outside. It is wonderful to enjoy the relaxing bubble bath in the open air, but there are extra demands on keeping the bath clean. A bath is fine, but preferably not between the twigs, the leaves and everything else that can end up in the bath. The whirlpool is therefore equipped with activated carbon filters that filter hair, leaves, twigs and sand from the water. To keep the water clear and to give bacteria no chance, chlorine is used, usually in tablet form. It becomes even better when an ozone generator or ultraviolet light is used to kill unwanted organisms. You have come a long way with all these measures, but not quite yet. The acidity of the water and the concentration of the chlorine must be checked regularly. Too much chlorine or acid leads to physical complaints. Test tubes are commercially available for these controls.


  1. A bubble bath relaxes muscles and joints. This gives you a wonderfully relaxed feeling, which can help you get over some stress. You can enhance the effect even more by using essential oils. These are oils extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits or leaves. Certain oils contain substances that have a beneficial effect on body and mind. In some cases, these substances can even have a healing effect. For extra relaxation, you can add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath water, for example. In this way you create your own aromatherapy!

Are you okay?

  1. Taking a bubble bath has a relaxing effect, reducing stress, and the addition of essential oils can enhance the effect even more. That sounds fine. However, are there any disadvantages or points for attention if you are going to use a bubble bath? There are situations where attention is needed:

If you are pregnant

  1. Taking a bubble bath in itself is unlikely to be a disadvantage for pregnancy. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that a longer time in water above body temperature means that the body warms up slowly but surely. It is therefore recommended not to sit in a bubble bath for too long, at most 10-15 minutes. This also applies to bathing in general. When you are pregnant, you should always be careful not to come into contact with harmful bacteria. See the heading 'harmful bacteria', below.

Men less fertile?

  1. According to research, there is a negative link between frequent bubble baths and sperm quality. That research does not show that this has anything to do with the air and water jets, but with the temperature of the water. That is nothing new, it has been known for some time that too high a temperature is not good for the sperm. This is precisely the reason that sperm is not produced in the body itself, but in the testes, just a little lower and cooler. If you decide to go for kids together, you may want to limit the use of hot tubs a bit.

Harmful bacteria

  1. Bacteria like to develop with a little heat. The bath temperature in the bubble bath is very pleasant for many bacteria. Especially in the openings, through which water and air is blown in, these bacteria can develop, especially if the bath is sometimes not used so much. This could lead to legionella, urinary tract infections or skin infections. To prevent all this, the bath must be kept clean according to the rules. After not using the bath for a longer period of time, an extra cleaning is recommended, and rinsing it thoroughly before using it again. If you do get an infection, you should go to the doctor. The problem can be solved with antibiotics.

Good or not good?

  1. In general, there is no problem whatsoever with taking a hot tub, especially if the necessary precautions are taken, the tub is well maintained and kept clean. In some cases it is wise not to overdo the bubble time.

Public baths

  1. In many swimming pools or wellness resorts you also have the option of taking a bubble bath. You can assume that these institutions have the cleaning of their bubble installations in order, that the water is clean and safe.

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