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Are squid and fish fingers healthy?

  1. Ribs and fish stick both have a crispy edge. People who do not like normal fish usually like cod or fish stick. Kibbeling is available at the local fish shop, but it is also available at McDonald's. Fish sticks are known from the Iglo brand with captain Iglo. There are several types of this.

Is bickering healthy?

  1. What is squabbling? Kibbeling consists of fish that is dipped in a batter and then fried. It can therefore be seen as a snack. Cod is originally used for kibbeling. The word "squabbling" refers to "cod cheek". However, the price for cod is often too high and nowadays other fish are also used, namely pollock (pollack), whiting and hake. When fish from kibbeling is caught from the wild in a sustainable way, it receives an MSC label.

Deep fried kibbeling (fish shop)

  1. Fried codfish is sometimes also referred to as fried cod, but it is always fried. Frying is of course not very healthy, but it also depends on the type of frying fat it is baked in and how quickly it is changed. If you fry your own fish, you can control this yourself, but if you get it from the fish shop, of course not.

Bickering at McDonald's

  1. McDonald's does indeed have squabbling on the menu. These are even bickering with an MSC label. But also at McDonald's, you do not know how it is prepared, you do not know what frying fat was used. McDonald's does indicate that use is made of the original cod fish, the cod.

Bickering from the supermarket

  1. Kibbeling is also available at the supermarket. For example, at Albert Heijn you can buy MSC-certified kibbeling made from Alaska pollock. You can prepare this chicken dish in the oven, frying pan or deep fryer.

Ribbling sauce

  1. Of course, fried fish also includes sauce. Sauces that are often used are remoulade sauce, ravigotte sauce and garlic sauce. As can be seen below, these sauces contain a lot of fat. The sauces are partly responsible for the fact that squabbling is not the healthiest meal.

Are fish fingers healthy?

  1. Fish fingers can be compared to squabbling, they both have a crispy edge around the fish and people who don't like normal fish often like squabbles and fish fingers.

Fish sticks from Iglo

  1. The Iglo brand is the best known brand in the sale of fish sticks. Especially because the so-called captain Iglo gives the brand a face through commercials. Iglo's original fish fingers are MSC-certified.

Salmon Fish Sticks

  1. In addition, Iglo also has fish fingers with salmon. The nutritional value of this is of course also different. The fish fingers with salmon do not have an MSC quality mark, but you can find out what the fishing method is and which fishing area has been used by means of a tracking code.

Whole grain fish fingers

  1. The breaded layer on the normal fish fingers ensures that not everyone buys these fish fingers. As a result, Iglo has launched a new variant, the fish stick with a wholemeal layer! According to Iglo, this fish stick has more protein and fiber and less carbohydrates.

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