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Beard - full of bacteria and just as dirty as a toilet seat

  1. Beards are beautiful, a fad, a statement, a sign of laziness or lack of grooming. Men wear beards for a variety of reasons or don't need a reason to grow a beard. The hair just grows and some leave it that way. Others pay close attention to the hair on their chin and take care of the beard. Research shows that beards contain a lot of bacteria. Just as much as on the toilet seat. Who wants a beard or kisses with someone with facial hair? Or is the soup not eaten as hot as it is served?

Bacteria in the beard

  1. A beard is hip, or just nice and warm under the chin. A sign of masculinity or part of the religious experience. Microbiologists discovered after research that a beard can also be unsanitary. Some beards are even so dirty that the state of hygiene can be compared to that of an average toilet. Or even dirtier.

Dirty as a toilet seat

  1. American researchers set to work with cotton swabs and ran them through a bunch of bearded beards. The crop was cultivated and the material that emerged from the beards turned out to score very well in terms of bacteria. Or very bad, it just depends on how you look at it. Microbiologist John Golobic of Quest Diagnostics in New Mexico was surprised by the number of bacteria he and his fellow researchers found in facial hair.

Poo Bacteria

  1. It turned out to contain bacteria that you would expect, but bacteria were also found in faeces. Feces bacteria - they are actually bacteria that occur in the intestines and therefore also in feces - should not be in a beard, you would say. Normally for a toilet, but in a beard? And yet they are in it. As it turns out, beards are great gathering places for a host of bacteria.


  1. Scientific research shows that beards can spread disease, but we should not shave all beard men together. Men with beards do not have to get sick of their eldorado for germs or be a source of contamination for others. They should pay attention to their beards and wash it regularly. Beard wearers generally suffer from poor hygiene and the research of the microbiologists reveals this in detail.

Stiff facial hair

  1. The fact that it is the beards where the bacteria thrive is due to poor care but also due to the structure of the hair. Facial hair is stiffer than other hair and therefore harbor more germs. It easily captures bacteria and other dirt. Touching the beard a lot contributes to the hair getting dirty and spreading the bacteria.

Men with beards

  1. In general, the beard contains the same bacteria that are found all over the skin, plus a little extra.

Tips for men with beards

  1. How do bacteria from the intestines get into a beard, you wonder. One of the causes may be that no hands are washed after going to the toilet or that the hands are not washed well enough. Whoever picks his beard with impure hands will infect the beard with the bacteria. An important tip is to wash your hands well, especially after going to the toilet and not to touch your beard too much.

Beard soap

  1. We brush our teeth, wash our armpits and rinse the fluff from between our toes. Just like the rest of our body, the beard - where we write beard, we also mean the mustache - needs care. Washing the hair on the head is a well established form of body hygiene, and washing the beard should be. If you want to wear a beard, take care of it too.


  1. Washing once or twice a week with beard soap - there is one - and a regular visit to the barber is enough. For further care there is also beard balm and beard oil.

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