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Beet juice: a natural stimulant

  1. To begin with, the plant is rich in potassium, anti-oxidants and folic acid. That is nice of course. But there is more: scientists at the London School of Medicine already proved in 2008 that beet juice can lower high blood pressure.

  1. On the other hand, a study by the University of Exeter in 2009 proved that if test subjects drank half a liter of beet juice just before exercising, their stamina improved considerably. Several other studies have confirmed that beet juice benefits people who need to exercise.

  1. The reason beet juice has such remarkable effects, according to researchers at the University of Exeter, is to be found in its content of nitrates, a nutrient from the soil that helps proteins build. In our body this is converted into nitrite and then into nitrogen oxide. This has two positive effects on our body: it opens the blood vessels, allowing for better blood circulation, and it reduces the need for oxygen for our muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently.

  1. This works best during intense sports or physical activities that last longer than thirty minutes. And in fact, someone with no such trained body would actually benefit relatively more than a top athlete whose muscles are already working efficiently.

There are still health benefits:

  1. Large quantities

  1. But beware: to get any results you need to eat at least four or five beetroots a day. Or, if you take it as a supplement, take eight to ten capsules a day. Boiled beets have little added value unless you drink the juice in which they were cooked.

  1. That's why experts say the easiest way to get the health benefits is to drink fresh beet juice. Here you have to count that you have to drink about half a liter of beet juice to notice its effect. Scientists confirm that there are no negative side effects to this, other than that your urine will turn pink.

  1. The benefits of beet juice are, as mentioned, not only for athletes. Older and weakened people can also improve their fitness by consuming half a liter of beet juice per day and thus more easily get out of their seats or climb the stairs without getting out of breath.

Make your own beet juice

  1. Making your own beet juice with a juicer is a bit of a mess. The easiest way is to freeze-dry the beetroot roots first (so that you do not lose or damage any active ingredients). The powder obtained in this way can then be mixed with water, in a ratio of about one teaspoon per glass, and you have instant fresh beet juice.

  1. You see, not all doping used in the sports world is bad. The natural remedies that athletes use can be of interest to everyone.

  1. Do you want to raise awareness of a natural stimulant yourself? Or have you already experienced the positive effects of beet juice? We would like to hear it!

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