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Being happier thanks to Bach flower therapy

  1. We all want to be a little happier. Based on alternative medicine, the Original Bach Flowers help you find emotional balance. So that your body and mind are in harmony. It is not addictive, has no side effects and is not very expensive! In short, you can take this therapy in your own hands.

Doctor Bach's Philosophy

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How do you use it?

  1. It is best to decide for yourself which blossoms you need. But of course you can also ask someone to choose blossoms for you. This person may see or notice things about you that you have not noticed yourself. You can also visit a recognized Bach flower therapist who will search with you for the flowers you need at that moment. Finding the right blossoms is a bit of a quest, so don't be disappointed if you don't get immediate results. Bach Flowers can also be used externally. For example: put a few drops of Crab Apple (Apple) in your bath. You can take a maximum of 8 different blossoms together. Otherwise they will not work. You can put them in a mixing bottle with water or alcohol. Take 4 drops at least 4 times a day, but more often is also allowed! You can also put a few drops in a glass or bottle of water and drink this throughout the day. Normally, when your blossoms are working you will feel it almost immediately. If you find that your blossoms aren't working right away, they aren't the right ones for you. You can then omit some blossoms and try again. If you feel that a particular blossom feels right with you, you can possibly get a whole bottle of it at home, to take more often. The use of Bach flowers is all about growing in them. That does not mean that once you have chosen a set number of blossoms, you will have to take them forever. Should you notice more friction with a close person (your mother / father or partner), it would be good for this person to ingest the same blossoms as you. In this way you will grow together and there will be less friction. Furthermore, Bach Flowers have no side effects and are not addictive.

Rescue Remedy

  1. Rescue Remedy is used to immediately calm and calm you when you are emotionally unbalanced. Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 Bach flowers:

38 original blossoms for 7 groups of emotions

  1. Fears: Aspen (Aspen): Strange premonitions, worries for no apparent reason. Cherry Plum: Flushes and loss of control, despair, anger. Mimulus (Mask Flower): Worries about familiar issues, nervous feelings, and embarrassment. Red Chestnut: Overprotective of others. Rock Rose: Fright, worrying feelings, strange dreams.


  1. Cerato (Leadwort): Seeking advice and / or confirmation from others, doubts about decisions. Gentian (Gentian): Easily discouraged, sad in the face of adversity. Gorse (Gorse): Hopeless feelings, pessimistic thinking, negative view of life. Hornbeam (Common Hornbeam): Mentally tired, lethargic, listless feelings. Scleranthus (Hard flower): Feeling insecure, indecisive, changing moods. Wild Oat (Rough Dravik): Wants to do everything at once, doubts about choosing a path of life.

Insufficient interest in the present:

  1. Chestnut Bud: Don't learn from previous mistakes. Clematis (Bosrank): Daydreaming, being indifferent, appearing to be absent. Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle): Homesickness, nostalgic feelings, lack of future prospects. Mustard (Herik): Feeling depressed for no apparent reason. Olive (Olive): Physically and mentally at a loss / unable to continue. White Chestnut: Worrying, bad thoughts coming back, unresolved situations. Wild Rose: Listlessness, apathy, resignation.

Connecting with others (loneliness):

  1. Heather (Heather): Absolutely dislikes being alone, self-centered, smooth talker. Impatiens (Giant Balsam): Being irritable and impatient. Water Violet: Being aloof, proud, and cool.

Hypersensitivity to influences:

  1. Agrimony (Agrimony): Hiding behind a mask of cheerfulness. Centaury (Centaury): Difficult to say 'no', wants to do good for everyone, has little willpower. Walnut (Walnut): Need for protection in the event of major changes, uncertainty. Holly (Holly): Suspicion, feelings of anger and jealousy, hatred.

Find happiness and hope (despondency):

  1. Crab Apple (Apple): Self-aversion and shame feelings, feelings of uncleanness both physical and mental. Elm (Elm): Feeling suffocated from accumulating difficulties. Larch (Larch): Anxiety, lack of self-confidence, not feeling well enough. Oak (Zomer Eik): Great sense of duty, wanting to know better, being stubborn. Pine: Taking responsibility for everything, feelings of guilt. Star of Bethlehem (Bird's Milk): Mourning, shock and grief after an unexpected event. Sweet Chestnut: Being desperate, feeling despondent. Willow (Willow): Bitterness for feelings of injustice, self-pity.

Over-concerned about the welfare of others:

  1. Beech: Intolerance, being strict, judging in an arrogant and critical way. Chicory (Wild Chicorei): Being possessive, wanting to get his / her way, patronizing. Rock Water: Perfectionism, being hard on oneself. Vervain (Vervain): Inner unrest, being over-enthusiastic, stubborn and rebellious against injustice. Vine: To be stiff, domineering, ambitious, authoritarian.

Where can you find the tinctures?

  1. You can find the original recognized (watch the logo!) Tinctures at natural stores, drugstores, a recognized Bach Flower therapist or pharmacist. Note that not every drugstore and pharmacist has these, so you may have to search and inquire who does have them. You can have a mixing bottle made with only the blossoms you need at a recognized Bach Flower therapist and at the pharmacist. This is not possible in the health food store and drugstore and you will have to buy a whole bottle. Bach Flowers are also not that expensive. You can do quite a long time with 1 tincture bottle.

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