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Burberry Perfumes: Some Popular Burberry Women's Fragrances

  1. Burberry is a well-known British fashion house with a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and since its inception in the 19th century has developed into a leading manufacturer of clothing, accessories and perfumes for women and men. Burberry is best known for their distinctive trench coat, which can be considered an icon in the fashion industry. In 2017, Burberry has 199 stores worldwide, and the Burberry range is also available in luxury department stores. Burberry is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Burberry perfumes for women

  1. The Burberry women's fragrances are especially aimed at women who love elegance and style and can be worn during the day as well as during the evening hours. Wearing a Gucci women's fragrance is a good choice, but choosing from the extensive range of this British fashion house can still be a challenge. Which Burberry perfumes you can't really make a wrong choice with?


  1. Burberry Woman is the first fragrance specifically for women to be launched by Burberry. This perfume was launched in 1995 and was an immediate success. Burberry Woman is loved for its floral and fruity scent with notes of vanilla, musk, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, peach, pear, apricot and blackcurrant. This perfume has a moderate odor strength, does not evaporate quickly and is mainly worn during the day.

Weekend for Women

  1. Burberry Weekend for Women was launched in 1997 and has a refreshing and fruity citrus scent. This Burberry perfume is aimed at active and energetic women. Apricot, peach, sandalwood, vanilla and musk are the main accents and this perfume has a moderate odor strength. We recommend wearing Burberry Weekend for Women during the day.

Brit for Women

  1. Burberry Brit for Women was introduced in 2003 and is a spicy, oriental, stylish and refreshing perfume with moderate scent for modern women. Pears, almonds, limes, a mixture of flowers and vanilla are the main accents for this perfume, which comes in a square bottle with the typical Burberry check pattern. Brit for Women is generally worn in the evenings.

London for Women

  1. Launched in 2006, this Burberry women's fragrance is aimed at feminine and elegant ladies and features notes of clementine, honeysuckle, English garden rose, jasmine, peony, musk, patchouli and sandalwood. This combination of flowers provides a fresh scent that you can wear both during the day and in the evening. Burberry London for Women has a subtle fragrance strength and will linger with you for a long time.

The Beat for Women

  1. The Beat for Women from Burberry is a refreshing and sensual fragrance for the feminine, stylish and energetic woman. It is a perfume with a moderate fragrance and the main notes are bergamot, pink pepper, iris, white musk, ceylon tea, mandarin, cedar and cardamom. This 2008 Burberry perfume comes in a stylish and fashionable bottle. Most women wear this fragrance during the day and on casual occasions.

Sport for Women

  1. Sport for Women was launched in 2010 and is a floral and fruity perfume with moderate potency for the active, dynamic, energetic and vibrant woman. The Burberry Sport perfumes are part of the Burberry sport range, which also consists of accessories, jewelery and bags. The main notes of this Burberry women's fragrance are sea salt, mandarin, musk, cedar, magnolia and honeysuckle. This perfume with moderate odor power is packaged in a striking white bottle with a transparent red interior. Burberry Sport for Women is recommended for casual occasions.

My Burberry Black

  1. Launched in 2016, My Burberry Black is a sensual fragrance with a base of patchouli and amber and elements of peach nectar, candied rose and jasmine. My Burberry Black comes in a stylish amber colored bottle with a black ribbon, referring to the iconic Burberry trench coat. This Burberry perfume has a moderate scent strength, but does not evaporate quickly.

Brit for Her

  1. Brit for Her by Burberry is a striking, sexy and Oriental fragrance that comes in a bottle with the characteristic Burberry check pattern. This 2016 perfume has accents of white peony, tonka beans, vanilla beans, amber, mahogany, lime and green almonds and these accents provide a floral and spicy scent. Burberry Brit for Her is mainly worn during the day.

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