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Butterhead lettuce with mango, mandarin, and watermelon

  1. Another deliciously fresh lunch consists of lettuce, mango, mandarin and watermelon. The cabbage lettuce is healthy because it is a good source of vitamin A, which is important for your eyes. The mango is the first colorful addition to this salad and also helps to keep your brain function up. The orange color in this salad comes from the mandarin. Mandarin is very healthy because of the fiber it contains. This helps your bowel function. The watermelon may even be my favorite melon variety. It is wonderfully fresh and has hardly any calories. Yet it quickly makes you feel full.

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  1. Wash the cabbage lettuce well and cut the leaves off the tuber or buy a ready-made bag of cabbage lettuce. Buy mango pieces or cut the mango in half and then cut pieces out. Peel the mandarin and separate the pieces.

  1. Cut a point from the watermelon and then cut the flesh of that point into pieces. Add all the fruit pieces to the lettuce leaves and stir well. A

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  1. Enjoy your meal!

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