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Canker sores: painful ulcers in the oral mucosa

  1. Suddenly you have small white spots with a red border in your mouth that are very painful. What causes those spots and what can you do about it? The doctor can advise and sometimes it is wise to make an appointment with the dentist. Can children suffer from canker sores, or does it only affect adults? Are canker sores contagious?

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  1. What are canker sores? Who can suffer from canker sores? Cause of mouth ulcers Are canker sores contagious? The treatment of canker sores What can you do yourself? When is it wise to consult a dentist

What are canker sores?

  1. They are small white spots with a red border that cause a nasty pain. You can get canker sores on the edge of the tongue, under the tongue, but also on the inside of the cheek or on the inside of the lip. The pain is caused by the skin that is exposed. Canker sores can be different in size. You can distinguish between minor canker sores (minor) and large canker sores (major). About ninety percent of the people who suffer from the ulcers are small canker sores. These are less than an inch and are slightly painful. Major canker sores occur in about ten percent of people with canker sores. These large canker sores are larger than an inch and are deeper. Major canker sores can cause a lot of pain, elevated body temperature and lymph nodes can be swollen. With these large size canker sores, someone can also suffer from canker sores on the genitals or the anus.

Who can suffer from canker sores?

  1. Adults, but also small children can get canker sores.

Cause of mouth ulcers

  1. There is no clear cause for the development of canker sores. Possibly it has to do with a vitamin deficiency or stress (less resistance). Girls who are in puberty are more likely to suffer from canker sores just before their periods. Canker sores can develop during a period of illness, then the sores can be caused by a herpes virus. The place affected is usually the palate.

Are canker sores contagious?

  1. Because there is no clear cause for the formation of the spots, it is also not possible to determine whether or not they are contagious.

Treatment of canker sores

  1. Minor canker sores usually disappear on their own after a few days. Major canker sores usually disappear after ten to fourteen days. As the cause is unknown, it is difficult to find a good treatment for canker sores. The doctor can prescribe a liquid that has a narcotic effect. You can ask for advice at the pharmacy, for example there are mouthwashes that make the pain less. At the moment there is nothing available that heals canker sores faster.

What can you do yourself?

  1. Proper care of the mouth and teeth is important. Try brushing with an enzyme toothpaste such as Paradontax or Zendium for relief. In any case, stay off the canker sores, if the blisters break, the complaints will become even more severe. Provide a good resistance by eating well and taking enough rest. Drink blueberry juice or use blueberry jam.

When is it wise to see a dentist

  1. If the canker sores have not disappeared after two weeks, you should consult a dentist, of course, earlier. The dentist can also check whether the canker sores may be caused by sharp edges on the teeth or dentures that do not fit properly.

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