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Cloudy urine: causes cloudy urine with a strong odor

  1. Cloudy urine has several causes. Cloudy urine can be harmless and is caused by too little drinking, but cloudy urine can also indicate an underlying condition. Then cloudy urine is accompanied by other symptoms. Some causes of cloudy urine are fluid loss, urinary tract infection or cystitis (often in a woman, sometimes in a man or child), inflammation of the prostate (in a man) or kidney stones. A urinary tract infection often produces cloudy urine with flakes. This is due to the presence of pus in the form of whitish or white flakes or pieces (pyuria). Cloudy urine can also occur during pregnancy. Sometimes this is because you drink too little or have a changed diet, but there may also be a bladder infection. In any case, it is wise to discuss this with your midwife or doctor. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration and this can also lead to cloudy urine. This problem can be solved by drinking more.

What does cloudy urine look like?

  1. Not clear, opaque puddle

Cloudy urine with a strong odor

  1. Some people experience urine with a strong odor in combination with hazy urine. This can occur in people with high blood ketone levels who consume a low-carbohydrate diet or fast, as well as in people with uncontrolled diabetes. The presence of ketones in the urine creates a sweet, acetone-like odor in the urine

Loss of fluid / drinking too little

  1. As you lose too much fluid and drink too little, your urine becomes more concentrated. The color of the urine can be a lot darker if you drink too little and lose a lot of moisture in a short period of time, for example through heavy sweating during fever or exercise, or diarrhea

Male prostate inflammation

  1. Prostate The prostate

Cloudy urine with flakes from urinary tract infection

  1. Cloudy urine may indicate the presence of pus from a urinary tract infection. The urine becoming cloudy is due to the presence of pus in the form of whitish or white flakes. The presence of pus (and therefore white blood cells) in the urine is called 'pyuria'. This indicates an infection of the urinary tract. A urinary tract infection can be accompanied by burning pain

Milky pool due to kidney stones

  1. Kidney stones can cause cloudy urine. They can lead to pus in the urine, which gives your pee a milky look (white urine)

Cloudy urine from food

  1. Food can cause a change in the consistency and color of the urine, although eating certain products is not the usual cause of cloudy urine. If food and drink are the cause, the urine will often return to its normal color within one to two days. Asparagus

Cloudy urine due to an STD

  1. Cloudy urine can also be caused by a sexually transmitted infection (STD)

Foamy or cloudy urine due to glomerulonephritis

  1. Foamy or cloudy urine may present glomerulonephritis or kidney filter inflammation. This is a rare condition involving the glomeruli, the filtering units of the kidneys

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