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Cold sore: pillow with cold sores can kill a baby

  1. Many people find a cold sore especially very annoying. You don't look like an itchy rash around your mouth or a big crust on your upper lip. But what many don't know is that cold sores can also be extremely dangerous. Kissing with cold sores is not called the kiss of death for nothing, because babies can die if the herpes virus strikes their bodies.

Passing on the cold sore through saliva

  1. Cold sores are annoying. But also dangerous for people who pass it on to babies, for example. Because then a cold sore that transmits herpes can even lead to death. That is why a kiss with a cold sore is also called the kiss of death. So do not kiss if you have a cold sore and certainly do not kiss small children and babies. They can have serious consequences.

Cold sore: herpes simplex virus

  1. The virus responsible for cold sores is herpes simplex. Eight out of ten people carry that virus. Most people get it when they are kissed as a child by someone carrying the herpes simplex virus. So many children have been infected with the virus from a very young age. Yet not everyone gets cold sores. Only one third of all carriers of the herpes virus ever develop cold sores.

When do you get cold sores?

  1. In February and March, most people get cold sores. This is because in many people the immune system is often weakened and flu and colds often prevail. Just when someone's immune system works the least, the herpes virus rears its head because he has the opportunity to do so. Many people also get cold sores in the summer if they spend all day in the sun. This also activates the herpes simplex virus. Stress is a third reason why cold sores often manifest. Even then the body is less resistant to things and the annoying itchy element arises.

Cold sores on important days: not that strange at all

  1. Someone who is getting married, someone who has just started a new job or someone who has to give an important presentation: many people often wake up during that period with the cold sore virus around their mouth. That is not strange. The stress of the novelty activates the virus and voila.

How often can you get cold sores?

  1. People who are prone to getting cold sores often get a burning, itchy sore on their upper lip 2 to 3 times a year. However, there are also people who are victims even more often and who do not dare to leave home about monthly.

How does a cold sore develop?

  1. The cold sore occurs when the virus enters the skin cells and then travels to the nerves in the face and mouth. There the herpes simplex virus settles and remains inactive until it has every reason to manifest itself. Most people often do not even notice the first real revelation. They are a little red around the mouth, but otherwise feel good. Only in certain cases does the person not feel well either. If the body has little resistance again after the first time, the virus is reactivated and then it hits immediately. There is a burning or stinging sensation. There are also small, painful blisters that leak fluid. Only when the cold sore dries up and scabs does the situation get better.

How long does a cold sore last?

  1. It takes about a week from the moment the cold sore breaks out until the crusts dry up. Some people last longer because the area covered by the cold sore is also much larger.

Herpes simplex and genital herpes: very contagious

  1. The virus that causes cold sores is also referred to as HSV-1. It is related to the virus that causes genital herpes and is called HSV-2. What they both have in common is that they are very contagious. Contamination of the lip to the genitals has therefore just happened. Good hygiene is of the utmost importance to prevent this. Always wash your hands well is the message.

Cold sore: be careful not to transmit the virus to your eye through contact lenses

  1. But the virus that transmits the cold sore can also be transferred to and in the eyes. Those who wear contact lenses and have a cold sore must be even more careful than usual when inserting lenses. Always wash your hands thoroughly before insertion to prevent the virus from entering the eye. This is very dangerous, because once you have the herpes virus in your eye, it can suffer permanent damage. For example, vision loss may occur.

Activating the virus that transmits cold sores

  1. The virus that transmits the cold sore is activated in case of cold, in the sun, under stress and with a reduced immune system. Taking the contraceptive pill in combination with little sleep and poor food can also cause a woman to often suffer from cold sores. During pregnancy women are also extra sensitive to cold sores.

Fight cold sores

  1. There are all kinds of remedies for sale in the shop to combat cold sores. These are creams that allow the sores to dry earlier. But there are also other remedies to combat cold sores. These are:

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