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Communicating with ghosts

  1. There are many ways to communicate with ghosts. Many people will try to summon them and may later hear voices in their heads or think someone is chasing him. It's very dangerous to do because you don't know what ghosts you're dealing with. So it is your own risk.

Communicating with a mind

  1. What are ghosts? What ways are there to summon spirits? Is it dangerous to summon ghosts? Derek Ogilvie

What are ghosts?

  1. When people die, only the physical body dies. The spiritual body is not. Spirits are the immaterial of a person. You have good and bad spirits. They also call bad spirits 'demons'. You can't touch ghosts, but they can touch you.

What ways are there to summon spirits?

  1. Rotate slide Ouija board Commute Chain Automatic writing / Drawing

Rotate slide

  1. Turning a glass is one of the ways to make contact with spirits. When you spin the glass, the mind can show how it feels. The glass moves from one letter to another. You put the glass in the middle of the circle of the letters A to Z. You can also use numbers. You say the word "yes" and "no" a few inches apart.

Ouija board

  1. The word Ouijabord contains the words 'Oui' meaning 'yes' in French, and the 'yes' meaning 'yes' in German. With Ouija board you use a kind of wooden sign with the letters A to Z, numbers, and the words 'yes' and 'no'. You have to put your finger on a pointer with a magnifying glass.


  1. Pendulum works almost the same as with a chain. For example, for the movement 'yes' is moving the pendulum to the right, and 'no' is moving to the left.


  1. It is about the same with the chain as with the pendulum. You use a silver chain, here you agree on sounds such as; 2x with the chain back and forth is no, and 1x with the chain back and forth is yes.

Automatic writing / Drawing

  1. You leave the writing with your hand to the mind. The mind can write entire sentences without you having to do anything. This just seems to be very dangerous. You don't know what the mind wants to write or draw.

Is it dangerous to summon ghosts?

  1. It is indeed dangerous to summon ghosts, because you do not know whether you will be dealing with good or bad ghosts. Even if you don't believe in ghosts and try to summon ghosts, it is dangerous. You don't know what's going to happen. When you interact with a ghost, the ghost may pretend to be a loved one who has passed away. The bad spirit can chase you and do very weird things to you like suddenly just throw it at the wall. Or you can suddenly have anxiety attacks. It can also go as far as to commit suicide .. So it is your own risk to summon ghosts.

Derek Ogilvie

  1. Derek Ogilvie is a psychic and is from Scotland. He was born on February 21, 1965. At the age of 10 he knew he would have a psychic ability. He could see things that other people could not see. When his neighbor died he felt his presence in his bedroom. When he was 11 years old in the year 1976 on Christmas Day, Derek felt pain from others for the first time. Suddenly he felt so much energy that he had never seen before. He didn't do much with it and later owned several bars and clubs. His psychic abilities grew stronger during that time. In 1999 he went bankrupt and started having problems because he was not looking for work. He later got a job at sister station Qfm. He became a local celebrity and was thinking of putting on his own show. He had the opportunity to perform at the Paisley Arts Center. The tickets were sold out very quickly. By coincidence, Derek later found himself able to communicate with babies on a private reading with someone in Glasgow. In 2007 the program 'Baby Mind Reader' was broadcast on RTL 4. It became such a success that a Dutch program was later made: 'Baby's will is law'. He visited people to help them with their child's problems. Then in April 2008 Derek got a new program: 'The Ghost Whisperer'. He then visited people to offer them help and comfort. The Ghost Whisperer was a huge success with 1,600,000 viewers.

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