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Crispy muesli for breakfast: healthy or not?

  1. We find healthy eating more and more important. A good development, of course, but there is also a disadvantage. Manufacturers are increasingly using the healthy properties of their products in their marketing strategy. Even if the foods in question are not that healthy at all!

  1. This in turn leads to all kinds of nasty misunderstandings where people are convinced that they are healthy - while the opposite is the case. Crispy muesli is one of the products often touted as a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, this is unjustified. Today we will explain exactly why it is better to leave your yoghurt bowl with crispy muesli from today. We also explain what a better alternative is!

Is crunchy muesli healthy?

  1. Crispy muesli is advertised on packaging as a whole grain cereal to which all kinds of fruit are often added. Doesn't sound bad at all, does it? Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not add a number of things. Namely that those whole grains are stuck together with hefty amounts of sugars and syrups, for example.

  1. Those sugars cause you to get a huge dip shortly after breakfast, when your blood sugar drops back to its normal level. This can cause you to binge eat for the rest of the day. Not ideal if you are trying to lose weight!


  1. Producers often try to make their crunchy muesli sound tastier and healthier with all kinds of additives. Fruit is a favorite here. This is often also prominently displayed on the packaging, because a few large strawberries naturally immediately give the impression of a healthy choice.

  1. Unfortunately, a closer look at the ingredients list often shows that the fruit is quite disappointing. At most, it concerns a few percent of dried fruit from which the vitamins have long since disappeared. Moreover, sugar has been added again. Other healthy additives such as nuts are often also minimally present. The benefits by no means outweigh all sugars and other unhealthy substances.

What's healthy about crunchy muesli?

  1. It is a pity that crunchy muesli is often made so incredibly unhealthy with all kinds of unnecessary additives. The idea of ​​cereal isn't bad at all. Certainly not if it is combined with the necessary proteins and fats from, for example, Greek yogurt.

  1. Whole grains, for example, contain a lot of healthy fiber that will keep you feeling full for a few hours. Also, added nuts and fruits can provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals if they are actually used in decent amounts. Fortunately, the good news is that you can also enjoy these benefits without buying crunchy muesli out of a carton!

Alternatives to crispy muesli

  1. Anyone who likes to eat a bowl of yogurt for breakfast can put in much healthier things than just sugar-rich crunchy muesli from the supermarket. A popular option is, for example, linseed, which provides all kinds of important fats and has a positive effect on your bowel movements. A handful of this, possibly in combination with unroasted nuts and fresh fruit, provides all the important nutrients you need for a good start to the day!

  1. Another breakfast option, which is an especially good substitute for the fibers from crunchy muesli, is oatmeal. You can of course also enrich this to your heart's content with fruit and other additives!

Make your own crunchy muesli

  1. For those who are really fond of the crunchiness of crunchy muesli, making your own is probably the healthiest option. That is not nearly as difficult as you think. Break cashews, almonds and hazelnuts into small pieces. Mix them with some coconut oil and honey, add seeds and fruits to taste and fry at low temperature for a while until crispy.

  1. Let it cool down and break into pieces. This way you have a delicious responsible crunchy muesli, which you can also use as a snack without feeling guilty!

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