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Crystals and Gems

  1. One person thinks it is complete nonsense, the other says it really works. Crystals and gemstones. What does it do for you? Or have you never held a gem in your hands? Of course you can. But still ... you never know. The fact is that thousands of years ago it was already known that gemstones had special powers. They were worn as a good luck charm or used to cure diseases. Even today crystals and gemstones are used by therapists to enforce their treatment.

Beautiful, healing and mystical

  1. Sometimes it seems they were smarter a long, long time ago than we are now in our modern day. Certain herbs or foods are investigated and it turns out that this same foodstuff was used and applied by the people of that time thousands of years ago. Even then, not everyone believed in the natural healing powers of products formed by nature, and many women sadly experienced this during the witch hunt. With gems this was different.

Everything is energy

  1. Man consists of energy. Our body consists of atoms and molecules that have a certain vibration. Our organs individually have different vibrations, so it is not the case that a body has one and the same vibration and that this is very easy to correct. The same also applies to crystals and gemstones because not only man consists of energy, all solid matter around us also consists of energy. Sometimes it is hard to imagine, but even a table leg consists of energy.

The difference in crystals and gemstones in composition:

  1. A crystal consists of a single mineral that has a regular looking appearance. A gemstone can consist of a single mineral but also of several and can therefore consist of several colors and variations. That makes a gem extra attractive as a piece of jewelry.

Choosing the right stone

  1. When you are planning to purchase a beautiful crystal or gemstone, it is important to choose it personally. That is to say: not via the internet. It is the case that precisely because of the vibrations emanating from the crystals, your intuition actually already indicates which stone you should choose. And that simply does not work when you are looking at a picture on the screen.

The healing effect

  1. It is certainly true that the larger a crystal or gem, the broader the effect. If you want to influence a certain space, a larger copy is necessary. For personal use, there are bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that are worn directly on the skin and can do their job. Small sizes to carry in your pocket also work just as well. These are the so-called "hugging stones".

A few examples

  1. Amethyst This is a stone that most people are familiar with. It is one of the most common crystals. But that does not mean that it is a simple stone. The amethyst is a powerful and protective stone that soothes, cleans and heals. Precisely because of its calming and healing effect, the amethyst is often used when there are headaches and migraines. It is then recommended to put a piece of amethyst under the pillow when you go to sleep. This also helps when you have trouble falling asleep (because you keep worrying and worrying) or often have nightmares. Anger, rage and anxiety are reduced when you carry amethyst and at the same time amethyst also clears the mind so that you can make and apply decisions more easily. Amethyst really is a stone to meditate with and also increases any gifts that are present.

Rose Quartz

  1. Another example is the rose quartz. Rose quartz is truly a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. The rose quartz calms, reassures and helps with trauma. Rose quartz can be used when it comes to relationships. He attracts love and restores confidence and harmony and frees you from repressed emotions, old pain and sorrow. Rose quartz helps you give love but also restores and strengthens the love for yourself. Rose quartz is said to help with chest and lung problems, heal kidneys and adrenal glands and help with dizziness. Rose quartz is also used in diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia. Wear the rose quartz on a chain close to your heart or place a piece of rose quartz in the relationship corner of your house.

Rock crystal

  1. Finally, a little bit about the rock crystal. Rock crystal is apparently not such a special stone or quartz because it is completely colorless, but the opposite is true. From white cloudy to as clear as glass. The brighter the rock crystal, the more powerful (more expensive) it will be. The rock crystal strengthens the intuition, increases the ability to concentrate and is in any case a crystal that helps to strengthen and accelerate the spiritual development and "gifts". Rock crystal helps with balance disorders and dizziness and releases so much energy that, in addition to humans, other crystals and gemstones can also be recharged. Rock crystal has a very clean and pure vibration and is often used by therapists to restore the balance between body and mind.

A great diversity of shapes

  1. Crystals are available in various worked and unprocessed shapes such as:

Gemstone Therapy

  1. If you suffer from complaints but have no idea yourself about the use of gemstones, you can also go to a gemstone therapist. Gemstone therapy is an alternative medicine in which a therapist uses gemstones to remove blockages from the body so that the energy can flow again. Blockages can cause problems such as: stress, tension, insomnia, lack of energy, constipation, digestive complaints and more.

Beware of fake bricks

  1. As in any industry, it is also possible in the crystal world that you will encounter counterfeiting. If you don't know much about crystals and gems, you sometimes won't see the difference. The price is an important indication and also the place where you buy crystals. Do you go to a crystal shop or are you standing in front of a stall in the market. It is also difficult to determine whether you are dealing with real via the internet. Therefore, preferably go to a crystal shop and possibly to various different ones so that you get a little understanding of it. Especially when you want to purchase an expensive copy. Then you have more certainty that you will not be fobbed off with an expensive piece of colored glass.

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