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Death from alcohol: how much drinking can lead to death?

  1. Alcohol is used by many to have fun at a party. Drinking a single glass a day is fine with that. Yet it often happens that one glass becomes a few and that can turn into a few bottles per day. Everyone knows that taking large amounts of liquor is bad for your health. What conditions does chronic alcohol intake cause and how can it lead to premature death?

Death from alcohol

  1. Alcoholic Toxic build-up Boozing and death from alcohol Weakened vessel wall Heart and vascular disease Different cancers Suicide Limit alcohol intake


  1. People drink alcohol because it makes them happy and gives them fun. Due to stress, tension or fear, it often happens that people drink too often and too much. It offers the opportunity to escape the problems of every day. It leads to alcoholism, where one is addicted to the drink. Ingesting a lot of drink is never good for the body, because body processes and cells are affected in different ways. How can one die in addition to a traffic accident

Toxic build-up

  1. If large amounts of alcohol are ingested, it is converted by the liver into ascetaldehyde. This is a poison for the body, causing for example blood vessels to dilate and causing throbbing headaches. Because the breakdown of this substance is relatively slow, this substance is left in the body for a long time. It is then broken down into acetic acid, after which it is converted into oxygen and carbon dioxide. A persistently high acetic acid content can also have far-reaching consequences. On the one hand, together with free radicals, it can cause cancer

Boozing and death from alcohol

  1. Another phenomenon is binge drinking. Usually this concerns young people who already take excessive amounts of spirits at a young age. Especially if it is done before the age of eighteen, it can cause a lot of damage to the brain. Neurological connections are made on a large scale until that age and can be seriously damaged by drinking. Coma booze

Weakened vessel wall

  1. In people who daily take large amounts of alcohol, vascular wall weakening always occurs. In other words, the circumference of the vessels can increase due to blood pressure. This results, for example, in red to purple spots on the face and / or around the nose. It can also lead to an aneurysm

Cardiovascular diseases

  1. Drinking a lot increases blood pressure. Because alcohol intake is also often combined with other unwanted substances such as saturated fats, the veins will become fatty. In other words, the person gets deposits on the inside of the vessel wall, as a result of which the diameter can locally decrease considerably. This is also called arteriosclerosis

Various cancers

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption causes a relatively high acetic acid content to be present. An acidic physical condition can trigger cancer. In addition, alcohol affects tissues with chronic intake. Because the liver has to work overtime continuously, liver cells are gradually affected. Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to liver disease

Limit alcohol intake

  1. Due to the high risks associated with a lot of alcohol intake, it is necessary to limit it. In principle, a glass of alcohol a day is even healthy, but it shouldn't be any more. So limit the intake of alcohol to avoid serious conditions. Good information to young people is also important to prevent them from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol during childhood or puberty.

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