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Do you suffer from flatulence? These tips will help you! -

  1. Everyone has a lot of flatulence from time to time - after eating a large plate of chili con carne, for example, or after a few large glasses of soda with fizzy. However, some people almost always suffer from bloating and bowel clutter, and such severe flatulence is a lot more annoying!

  1. In extreme cases it can even affect your social life: people are afraid of getting flatulence in large groups. How can you reduce such a problem? We'll give you some handy tips that will hopefully help calm your intestines.

The function of winds

  1. Everyone farts a few times a day - that's completely natural and even necessary to clear excess gas from the intestines. This gas is created as a result of the digestion process that takes place in your intestines: when the intestinal flora in the large intestine attacks undigested fibers, quite a bit of air is released.

  1. Furthermore, there is also quite a bit of gas in your intestines because you swallow a little air with every bite while eating. The more quickly you eat, the stronger it is. Finally, a very small portion of the gas from the bloodstream enters the intestines.

Cause flatulence

  1. Flatulence, also known as flatulence, can have several causes. For example, it may simply be because people swallow too much air, for example because they eat too quickly, smoke, talk too fast, chew little or even have poorly fitting dentures.

  1. In addition, the type of food you eat can also contribute to the problem: products with a lot of air, such as bread and fizzy drinks, increase the gas formation in the intestines. Legumes, onions, cabbage and light products also ensure that the intestinal flora will produce extra active gases. Finally, there are certain medications that enhance flatulence, especially those with a laxative effect.

Rumbling bowels

  1. If you suffer from flatulence, you often also have to contend with rumbling intestines. The cause of this often coincides with that of the flatulence: excessive gas, sometimes combined with constipation, causes the intestines to become upset. However, there may be other reasons, such as food poisoning or bacterial infection.

  1. Also pregnancies and periods can cause the intestines to be heard loudly. However, as long as these additional reasons are not in place - and it is usually clear whether they are - however, you can take largely the same measures against rumbling gut as you can against general flatulence. [! 179595 => 1130 = 8!] Measures against flatulence

  1. One of the most important ways to reduce flatulence is to eat at regular times and not skip meals. Not only does this ensure more regularity in the intestines, it probably also means that you take more time for a meal, which means that you eat more slowly and swallow less air.

  1. You can also try to talk less while eating. Choose extra fiber-rich products, but build up the amount of fiber gradually to prevent blockage. Finally, do not eat anything that causes extra gas, and do not eat any more gum.


  1. If the above measures do not work, it is possible that your flatulence is caused by an allergy or intolerance that is confusing your intestines. Lactose intolerance is a common culprit, but celiac disease (gluten intolerance) or Crohn's disease can also cause excessive intestinal gas.

  1. If you suspect that illness or allergies are the source of your problem, it is advisable to visit the doctor. He can give you further tips on how to treat the problem.

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