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Does spinach really increase muscle strength?

  1. We all know the â € œfairytaleâ €. It's not really a fairytale but more of a cartoon. Popeye and Brutus compete for a lady and when the sailor threatens to lose out, he gets enormous muscles when he suddenly eats a can of spinach.

  1. I grew up with this principle and this is also the only reason why I used to eat spinach in the past. I used to find spinach really unpleasant, but under the guise of “it makes you strong” I ate it anyway (if my plate was not empty, no dessert).

  1. Recently I saw the cartoon reappear on TV and I was suddenly curious what exactly is in spinach, why it is healthy and whether it actually contributes to the development of muscles.]

What's in spinach?

  1. There are many vitamins and minerals in spinach. Practically all these substances make a positive contribution to good health.

  1. The â € œgoodâ € that seems to provide more muscle strength is nitrate. Researchers have found that nitrate is what makes those muscles stronger.

  1. This was discovered by "feeding" a large amount of nitrate to mice. Decomposition showed that the mice that ingested nitrate had developed many larger and strong muscles.

  1. The mice ingested such an amount that they did not survive, yet the results are astounding.

No condition, but strength

  1. There are 2 different types of â € œmuscle strengthâ €. Stamina and sheer strength. The muscles for endurance need red muscle fibers and the muscles for strength need white muscle fibers.

  1. Nitrate appears to have no effect on the red muscle fibers, but the white ones. This means that when we eat a lot of spinach, it increases the sheer strength of the muscles, but not the endurance!

  1. Good for what?

  1. Not only can we eat more spinach to train muscles, but also for people with muscle diseases, foods can help their muscles develop better, which will reduce complaints.

  1. There aren't really many disadvantages associated with nitrate. However, one must be careful not to consume too much. 2 times a week a meal rich (eg spinach) in nitrate will not endanger health.

  1. Below 2 dishes with spinach in the lead:

  1. Ingredients:

  1. Spinach Appetizers Ingredients:

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