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Eating pattern: How to lose weight and maintain your weight!

  1. It's so often said. Don't diet, change your diet. That is much better, smarter and a more definitive solution for people with a weight problem. And it is. But it is so difficult to put into practice. Looking for a diet plan online? Read this article first and see that you can also print a schedule, without it having to be a diet. Lose weight and maintain your weight, do it!


  1. Undoubtedly it is not your first attempt to lose a few pounds. It is possible to lose five pounds in a few days. But then you deprive your body of the amount of food it is used to, making it not healthy for everyone to follow such a diet. Your body must be strong to absorb the blow. It is therefore often rather intended to achieve a goal in the short term, for example. For example, lose a few extra pounds a week before the wedding day or the holiday.


  1. Breakfast


  1. Breakfast


  1. Breakfast


  1. Breakfast


  1. Breakfast

Saturday and Sunday

  1. Have breakfast, even on weekends. Continue to eat what you feel like and try to control yourself somewhat. Pizza, fries or other fast food is best on Saturdays, but then leave that bag of chips ...

Type 1 vegetables

  1. All kinds of lettuce prepared with a little oil, vinegar and herbs endive, pickles (best on vinegar), asparagus chives, cos lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower mushrooms, chinese cabbage, zucchini cucumber, lettuce, curly lettuce paprika, parsley rhubarb, radicchio, radish, radish savoy cabbage, celery, green beans, soy sprouts, spinach garden cress, tomatoes lamb's lettuce, fennel watercress, chicory, white cabbage sauerkraut, sorrel


  1. Drink as much water as possible. You can also drink tea without sugar and coffee without sugar or milk. Or something like Spa Orange or Fanta Zero is of course also possible in moderation.


  1. Exercise always helps. Do you not feel like exercising? Then go for a walk. In an hour's walk, you can walk 5 kilometers and you can also enjoy the surroundings and the outdoors.

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