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Effective weight loss: making smart choices

  1. If you have trouble losing weight, switching your eating habits has the most effect. But how do you ensure that you make smart choices? There are several tricks and tricks that can help you make healthy choices. By making smart choices you can improve and often even speed up the waste process!

Read more about healthy foods

  1. The first step to eating healthier and, if necessary, losing weight, is to learn more about eating. Few people are aware of healthy foods and know how to make the right choices. You really don't have to learn to count calories, as long as you know that an apple, for example, is healthier than an apple turnover. "Yes, everyone knows that," you probably think. That's right, but did you know, for example, that red sauces contain much less bad and more good nutrients than white sauces? That a sandwich on brown bread is much more filling and healthier than a sandwich with white bread? These are the smart tricks you know when you know more about nutrition.

Know your dietary needs per day

  1. With the MyFitnessPal app, among other things, you can see what your daily eating needs are. With this foundation in mind, you can put together a healthy diet. You will find that when you are hungry you are more likely to think that you can still have a sandwich or some fruit because you have not yet had enough fiber, while you normally would rather snack or snack.

Smart food on a barbecue

  1. Help, a barbecue! Most people are chock-full after a barbecue. Not surprising, because on average, three times more meat is eaten than the daily recommended amount. How do you fix this?

Have more lettuce and vegetables

  1. Before the meat is warm, many people indulge in the baguettes with herb butter. Don't fall into that trap and opt for a large plate of salad (preferably not a potato or pasta salad, but one with a lot of green). Eat this with taste and as slowly as possible. You will find yourself full faster.

Take your time

  1. If someone asks if you want another piece of meat or something else, say, "I'll lower the previous piece first." You already skip a round of meat and can eat something light in the meantime, such as lettuce or vegetables. Moreover, you notice that you end up eating much less meat and baguette.

Eating smart baguette and meat

  1. Taking a baguette every now and then is not bad at all. If possible, opt for brown or whole grain French bread. A large piece is ideal for your hamburger. Pineapple and lettuce and possibly some sauce on this sandwich top it off. Your hamburger will be a lot more filling and healthier too. If you're spreading a baguette, opt for red tapenade or pesto rather than herb butter or cream cheese.

​​Take the initiative

  1. ​​Do you often visit a barbecue where there is no lettuce at all? As a gift, bring a healthy fruit salad for dessert and a salad with lots of greens, tomato and cucumber as a side dish.

Smart dialing

  1. To come back to reading yourself again: if you know what is healthy, you can also make healthy choices. Of course it takes a while before you know everything about nutrition. Therefore, use the list below to help you choose healthier. Note that the healthiest option is not necessarily the healthiest option overall - it is intended to be the best alternative to the unhealthiest or less healthy choice.

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