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Fake cheese or Lygomme TACH Optimum: know what you eat!

  1. A tasty pizza with deliciously creamy cheese. A lasagna with a nice melted cheese layer. A delicious cheese croquette. Cheese can be delicious! At least you think. Nothing could be further from the truth for a few years now. Dietician Paule Neyrat warns against a counterfeit cheese launched by the American company Cargill. This fake cheese, which looks better than real cheese, tastes like real cheese and smells like real cheese has nothing to do with cheese at all. Vegetarians are already a fan of it because it contains no animal products. But whether this fake cheese or Lygomme TACH Optimum is really that healthy?

Fake cheese on your pizza, in your lasagna, in your cheeseburger and in your cheese croquette

  1. You eat a nice piece of pizza with a glass of wine and enjoy the delicious cheese that draws long strings. Or you can enjoy a cup of lasagna with deliciously creamy cheese. Your cheese croquette is so delicious! Moreover, a lot of protein and calcium you think to yourself. But are you sure you are eating real cheese? Paule Neyrat, a dietician, has just published an article about a counterfeit cheese that pops up almost everywhere and that the average consumer is not even aware of. How could it be? This fake cheese looks like cheese, smells like cheese and tastes like real cheese. Nobody points out that it is fake cheese. But you will find it in many prepared dishes: pizzas, lasagna, cheeseburger, cheese croquette, tree trunks, etc.

What does this fake cheese consist of?

  1. This fake cheese, scientifically named Lygomme TACH Optimum, was designed by the American company Cargill, which has settlements in more than 63 countries and employs about 160,000 people. The giant Cargill has designed two types of counterfeit cheese.

Analogue cheese

  1. The first variant is the analogue cheese. This contains 15% milk proteins, palm oil and flavor enhancers. It has been on the market since 2007.

Fake cheese Lygomme ACH Optimum

  1. The second variant is called "Lygomme ACH Optimum" and dates from 2009. This fake cheese variant consists of three types of starches, fragrances, colors and flavors (E 410, E 412, E 417, E 407) and aromas. Not a single gram of milk protein to be found! Result: the fake cheese tastes and smells perfect like gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, or any other cheese depending on the preparation it is intended for.

Economic benefits of the fake cheese

  1. Cheaper This variant is really a cash cow for the company Cargill, since this fake cheese costs 60% less than the first variant and no less than 200% less than, for example, mozzarella.

Not subject to price fluctuations

  1. Since the fake cheese does not contain our milk protein, the Lygomme ACH Optimum is also not subject to the price fluctuations to which this basic product has been subject in recent years.

Perfect structure

  1. The mix of real cheese and fake cheese also gives the new ingredient the perfect structure. The fake cheese withstands higher temperatures, melts when it needs to and stays consistent when it needs to. No wonder the industrialists eagerly buy the product!

No animal products

  1. Because there are no animal products in the fake cheese, it is also very much appreciated by vegetarians. They can now also enjoy a tasty pizza or lasagna without feeling guilty.

Award 2009

  1. Sounds healthy, you think cynical. Well, it gets better! The latter variant was one of the three nominees for the Food Ingredients Excellence Awards 2009, in the category "Novelty of the year for dairy products".

Is that all allowed just like that?

  1. The European Commission has allowed the use of this cheese, provided that all ingredients are mentioned on the label. And that also happens. But who knows what all those E numbers actually refer to?

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