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Fashion image of the Dutch woman

  1. Is the Dutch woman fashion conscious? Or does she mainly dress practically? Does she follow fashion closely or has no sense of style? Does the Dutch woman dress unmistakably Dutch, like a real polder model? Is the dress a source of inspiration for international fashion designers? What is good about the Dutch clothing style and what should it pay more attention to? Some tips and advice for the Dutch woman to look more feminine and well-groomed.

Confident attitude

  1. The Dutch woman unmistakably dresses with a self-assured attitude, based on equality. The Dutch woman is relaxed and this attitude makes her a charming appearance for many people.

Dress style

  1. A really typical Dutch clothing style is the “Just act normal, then I'll be crazy enough.” And that's a shame. A little more femininity and a little more care by going to the hairdresser and pedicure more often, the Dutch woman looks beautiful! The Dutch woman does not have to look less well-groomed by dressing typically Dutch. A little more sensual, a little more relaxed and a little more elegance is definitely not out of place for the Dutch woman!

Special garment

  1. Something typically Dutch is to buy a beautiful piece of clothing, something to be really proud of, and then not to wear it because that is "a shame!" Suppose it got a stain! Wear it! Especially when that special piece of clothing makes you feel like a princess. You will be amazed at the positive response.

Neat appearance

  1. What the Dutch woman must learn is to pay more attention to her appearance. A neat appearance is attractive. And as soon as you feel well cared for, you radiate positive energy and pleasure to your environment. We get a well-groomed appearance:


  1. Despite the typical Dutch clothing style, every woman dresses completely differently. One can dress in a quirky way, the other mixes design with vintage. That is also one of the nicest aspects of the fashion image of the Dutch woman: they dress differently. The fashion image and fashion awareness of the Dutch woman is a source of inspiration for many international fashion designers.

Party Outfits

  1. It is very sad with the festive clothing and clothing for parties and special occasions of the Dutch woman. Paying more attention to party wear is a must. The Dutch woman should really "update" herself a bit more instead of "down-dress".

Wear heels

  1. A typical Dutch phenomenon in the fashion world is the wearing of flat shoes, because that is simply practical. Nevertheless, the Dutch woman should be allowed to wear high heels more often: it looks more feminine, more elegant and more charming. Moreover, wearing high heels makes you feel a completely different person. Every woman also walks straighter by wearing higher heels. The heels don't have to be sky-high heels, nowadays there are plenty of heels that are practical anyway.

Example function

  1. The Dutch woman is certainly fashion-conscious: she knows what she wants and what she likes. But some help with styling wouldn't be bad. The Dutch woman can buy something beautiful, but then not know exactly how to wear it. Exemplary positions would be a godsend that would lend the Dutch woman a helping hand, such as magazines that cover the latest fashion and give styling tips.

Tough girls

  1. The Dutch girls like to be tough girls. Lovely in jeans with leather boots. An “easy going” look, full of leather and jeans. Interesting and inspiring combinations are created by mixing more expensive fashion brands with second-hand ones.

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