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Fermented Food For Extra Good Bacteria

  1. If you suffer from a yeast infection, you have undoubtedly heard of an anti-candida diet to combat the fungus. Sufficient probiotics are an important part of restoring the balance in your body.

  1. However, you can take it one step further to supplement with fermented foods.

  1. Humans have been eating foods full of bacteria for hundreds or even thousands of years. In fact, researchers believe that wine was fermented 8,000 years ago in Georgia. Romans ate sourdough bread because it keeps longer!

  1. In short, fermented foods are certainly nothing new below the horizon. But nowadays hardly anyone eats fermented anymore. Even if you think you are eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut or pickles. These are often fermented with olive oil instead of salt full of the good bacteria.

  1. Most foods that we can get at the supermarket are pasteurized so that the good bacteria disappear. This is necessary for mass production because fermentation is not economically viable.

  1. Fermented foods are probiotic bombs, as it were, because they are full of the good bacteria that are so important in a candida infection.

  1. The difference between â € ˜â € ™ traditionalâ € ™ â € ™ and â € â € ™ fermentedâ € ™ â € ™ food is the way it is prepared. A good example is sauerkraut or pickles that are made with olive oil instead of a production process with salt full of the important lactobacillus bacteria.

  1. Normally you have enough good bacteria in your intestinal flora. But due to too many antibiotic medicines and processed foods, more and more people are suffering from a fungal infection. This is largely due to a shortage of good bacteria.

  1. [!Pullquote] By eating fermented food you can cure candida faster. [!/ Pullquote]

  1. Important: not all fermented foods are suitable if you have a fungal infection. A number of them have also been processed with alcohol, which can cause additional complaints.

Below are a number of fermented foods:

  1. Video Clip Fermented Food


  1. Having a good balance in the intestinal flora is very important to prevent a fungal infection. Humans have been eating fermented foods for thousands of years. I think it is important to supplement with fermented products so that you get the good bacteria!

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