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Five Benefits of Home Yoga

  1. Yoga is a very popular form of exercise: research from 2019 by yogaonline shows that about 1.6 million Dutch people practice yoga. A flexible body, more peace of mind or a spiritual streak: there are many reasons to practice yoga. While some do it mainly from a sports point of view, others see it as a true lifestyle. There are therefore numerous yoga studios and gyms that offer yoga. But have you ever thought about home yoga?

You have no distraction from others

  1. Taking a lesson together with others is fun, but can also cause a lot of distraction. Some live yoga classes are so busy that you are practically matt to mat. It can be difficult to fully focus on yourself, especially if there is a chance that you accidentally get someone else's arm in your face. In addition, you can easily get distracted in a studio by the sounds of others. Especially as a beginner, the sound of a fanatic Ujjayi breather can be quite disturbing. In a home situation you are usually not affected by all these factors. You can choose a quiet place in the house (or in the park) where you will not be disturbed by children, partners or other housemates. But of course you can also choose to let them join in.

You have no costs for a studio

  1. Yoga in a studio can be very pleasant, but it is also often very expensive. So it can save you quite a lot of money if you take an (online) lesson at home. It is useful to purchase a yoga mat. This offers more grip and is usually slightly more comfortable for the knees than a hard floor. Incidentally, there is a very diverse online range of yoga classes, both paid and unpaid. Some teachers also offer classes on a donation basis. You can then pay as much for the lesson as you can spare.

You can practice whenever and wherever you want

  1. Instead of dragging yourself into a studio, you can do your exercises in the safe environment of your own home. Maybe you have a garden to roll out your mat in the summer, or you like to do yoga on the beach. Everything is possible. In addition, you are not bound by the lesson times of the studio or gym. So you can practice at what time of the day it suits you best. You may want to include yoga in your morning routine. There are various online yoga teachers who offer all kinds of 'challenges', for example for 30 days. Such a challenge can help you make a habit of a daily yoga moment.

You are not being viewed by anyone

  1. You do yoga in your own home, so no one can see you (okay, except maybe your partner, roommate or child). That means you can make it as comfortable as you want. Why put on a fancy yoga suit when you can practice in your pajamas too? Plus, you can make yourself as comfortable as you want, but challenging yourself is of course also an option. You can try out that difficult position extensively, but you can also stay in a child's pose for as long as you want. Nobody to see you, nobody to think about it.

You can practice as short or long as you want

  1. Do you find it a disadvantage that classes at a gym always last an hour or more? Even then home yoga offers a solution. Whether you want to take a half-hour class or just want to do some postures: it's up to you. Moreover, it does not cost you extra travel time for the trip to the gym or studio. An additional advantage of your home practice is that you can do it completely at your own pace. Is it going too fast for you? Then pause your online video. You don't like a certain attitude? Then skip it.

Some tips

  1. It can be difficult to set up a home yoga routine. Because which postures should you do, how long, and in what order? Of course you can find a wealth of online lessons on YouTube, but if you'd like to get started without a screen, here are some tips to get you started.

Broken candle

  1. Lie on your back with your buttocks against the wall and stretch your legs out against the wall, so that your body forms a 90 degree angle. Lie down as long as you feel comfortable.

Landscape twist

  1. Lie on your back, spread your arms and bring your knees to your chest. Then bring your knees to the left and keep breathing slowly. Then switch sides.

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