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Food during pregnancy

  1. When you are pregnant it is important to watch your diet. Some foods can be dangerous for your unborn child and should be avoided during pregnancy. Many people do not know which foods can be harmful to your child, so they eat them anyway.


  1. Of course everyone wants the best for their (unborn) child. It is important to eat a healthy diet when you are pregnant. In addition, it is very important that you also avoid certain foods because this can be harmful to your baby. With regard to healthy eating, it is clear to most people what that means, but there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the food that can be better skipped. When you know what to avoid during pregnancy, you contribute to the best possible development of your child.


  1. A lot of fish is full of proteins and healthy omega 3 fats, which ensure that your children's brains can develop optimally. However, some fish have a high mercury content in them, which can be harmful to the development of the nervous system of your child. Often times, the older the fish, the higher the mercury value in the fish. It is therefore not advisable for pregnant women to eat the following fish:

Raw fish

  1. Just make sure to avoid all raw and undercooked fish, such as sushi. These can contain bacteria and viruses that are harmful to your child

Meat, chicken and egg

  1. For all the meat and poultry that you eat, it is important that you ensure that they are well cooked. When you are pregnant, you will be more sensitive to bacteria found in raw meat. In addition, these bacteria can also be harmful to your child. Always make sure that your meat and poultry are always well cooked (use a thermometer if necessary). Try to avoid hot dogs and bread meats as they can be a source of bacteria. In addition, it is not recommended to eat raw eggs. Make sure that when you eat an egg it is completely hard (including the yolk) and if you see anything strange about the egg, throw it away. In addition, you should avoid foods prepared with raw eggs, including:


  1. Many dairy products supplement your diet when you are pregnant. They are important to eat, as they contain important substances that benefit your child's development. It is important that you only choose pasteurized dairy. So milk, cheese, mozzarella all don't hurt as long as they are pasteurized. Many special cheeses such as brie or blue cheese are not pasteurized, so you should avoid them (unless it is explicitly stated that they have been pasteurized). Also try choosing the pasteurized variety for orange juice.


  1. When you are pregnant, it is important that you keep the amount of caffeine you consume low. The caffeine can have an adverse effect on your unborn child's heart. You should therefore make sure that you drink a maximum of 2 cups of coffee or 4 cups of tea per day. In addition, you should be careful with drinks such as cola, which also contain caffeine. 6 glasses of cola ensure that you have reached the maximum caffeine limit. The ultimate advice is to keep these drinks out anyway as it has a negative effect on your child. If you cannot live without it, then at least stick to the prescribed amounts.


  1. Do not drink alcohol during your pregnancy. Many people will know this, but it is important to emphasize this even more. Alcohol is a poison that the adult body can handle (reasonably well). However, it is a very dangerous poison for a baby. It can cause facial deformities, abnormalities in the heart and an increased risk of a mental handicap. These effects even occur with a moderate drinker (max 2 glasses of alcohol per week). Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, stop drinking alcohol when you are pregnant! If you have trouble quitting drinking, please contact your doctor.

Nutrition during pregnancy

  1. Now that you are aware of the most important foods that you should not eat during your pregnancy, you will be able to optimally allow the development of your child.

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