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Fortune Telling Cards from Mlle Lenormand: Astrological Significance

  1. Mlle Lenormand's deck contains twelve Court cards, and each card has a different ability. From the astrological signs of the zodiac, we can learn what qualities a Hof card has and thus determine the character and temperament of the card.


  1. Astrology Tarot Astrological zodiac The two signs: Introvert Extrovert The four astrological elements The elements intersect Meaning of the Elements The Court Cards

Astrology Tarot

  1. Mlle Lenormand's deck is divided into four sets of nine, and each suit features an Ace, three Court cards (King, Queen, Jack) and the numbers Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven and Six. The four symbols: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades are governed by the four elements of astrology and correspond to the four symbols of the very old tarot game.

Astrological zodiac

  1. We always go through the twelve signs of the zodiac in the same order: starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. We can divide the characters in several ways, but in this article we will only use two divisions.

Entry of the sun into the signs of the Zodiac 2011

  1. All times are adjusted for winter / summer time. Due to local time adjustment, March 20 (11:21 PM Universal Time) has been converted to March 21 (0:21 Western European Time) You can find new shifts on the site "Royal Observatory of Belgium".

The two characters: Introvert Extrovert

  1. First, we divide the twelve signs of the zodiac into two groups we call the Extravert and Introverted signs. For a clearer overview I have given the two groups a color and as you can see it is noticeable that the extroverted characters and the introverted characters alternate. These signs determine the psychic energy direction: our needs, values ​​and desires.

The four astrological elements

  1. The second division is to split the zodiac into four groups, which we call the “four astrological elements”: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. We should certainly not underestimate the function of the Elements, because each Element has a certain property, which gives the "character" to the twelve signs of the zodiac, so that we can also determine the character of the Court cards.

Crossing the elements

  1. The four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air, can also be divided into three groups: Principal signs, Movable signs and Fixed signs, which we call "crossing the elements". These signs can determine the directionality. For a clear overview I have indicated the division with dotted lines.

Meaning of the Elements

  1. Water: symbolizes love, feeling and emotions.

The Court cards

  1. The deck of Mll. Lenormand contains twelve Hof cards and you can recognize these by the faces in the medallion. You can now also find out the character and temperament of each Hof card from the astrological elements.

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