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Fruit and Weight Loss Facts and Myths

  1. Fruit plays an important role in any diet. With A Lifelong Fit you eat it unlimited for up to 12 hours, with the Sonoma Diet you completely renounce it in the first 10 days. What can fruit really do for you if you want to lose a few pounds?

  1. Four stubborn fables are debunked. The four simple facts that follow prove that fruit is an easy, indispensable part of any diet.

Myth 1. Fruit is unlimited

  1. No, unfortunately. But: fruit is and remains the best choice for a sweet appetite. An apple instead of candy will save you 200 kilocalories. You really don't have to stick to two pieces of fruit a day. Just don't eat something in between more than four times a day and take normal portions. A serving of fruit is approximately 125 grams. Fruit juice provides a lot of calories and less fiber than regular fruit. Drink no more than one glass of juice per day.

Myth 2. Fruit should not be combined with other foods

  1. Fortunately, that's nonsense. In the 1990s, the Lifelong Fit diet was a hit. According to this diet, it is best to take fruit in the morning and then take nothing for a while. Otherwise, it would ferment in your stomach. Even though this diet has been almost forgotten, many people still think that it is best to eat fruit separately. This has never been scientifically proven. Combining fruit is recommended. Think of strawberry, banana or apple slices as a lean spread or in yogurt. If you only eat fruit in the morning, you may not be able to resist temptations later in the morning. A Lifelong Fit advises you to 'eat a few bananas'. But: bananas also touch if you eat too much of them.

Myth 3. A banana for breakfast? Lost kilos!

  1. No, unfortunately not an absolute truth either. According to the Banana Diet, a hit in Japan, the best way to lose weight is to take a banana in the morning. For lunch and dinner you could eat whatever you want. A banana has no magical effect on your metabolism. If you eat more than you need for the rest of the day, you will simply gain weight. But: a banana can of course be a tasty, quick breakfast. Just keep a regular brown sandwich or other low-calorie addition to your breakfast on hand for a little later. A banana alone is not enough to keep you fit and happy until lunch. Moreover, it is important to vary with fruit.

Myth 4. Superfruit is healthier

  1. Pomegranates, goji and açai berries are high in antioxidants and are therefore often referred to as 'super fruit'. The Sonoma Diet also praises the blueberry. These super types have no special effect for weight loss. In addition, scientists say that fruit's health benefits are due to the combination of substances found in fruit, not just antioxidants. Each type of fruit has its own combination of healthy substances. It is precisely by varying that you ensure that you get all those substances. That is why it is unwise to eat only blueberries, for example.

Fact 1. Fruit helps to eat low calories

  1. Yes, fruit is incredibly easy when you're on a diet. You know for sure that you are making the low-calorie choice with fruit. Granola bars and other 'sensible' snacks often provide more calories than you think.

Fact 2. Fruit calms your appetite faster than a croquette

  1. Fruit contains a lot of fiber. Fiber ensures that you feel full more quickly. The disadvantage of eating fatty foods is that you only feel full after a while, so you quickly overeat.

Fact 3. Fruit helps to stay healthy

  1. According to the Netherlands Nutrition Center, there are strong indications that eating fruit helps against certain chronic diseases. Eating enough fruits and vegetables would lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Fact 4. Fruit helps maintain weight

  1. The problem with many diets is that they are too one-sided and needlessly complicated. It wouldn't be good to keep them on for long because they simply don't deliver everything you need. Fruit provides few calories and a lot of what your body needs. Replace one unhealthy habit with fruit and you're on your way!

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