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Good start to the day with an exciting breakfast

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ensures that you can spend the day full of energy. Yet there are many people who cannot get a bite in the morning and prefer to skip breakfast. Especially people who skip breakfast tend to catch up later in the day. Often unhealthy foods are used, which increases the risk of obesity. Why is breakfast so important and which foods are suitable for this?

Start the day right

  1. It is with good reason that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With a good breakfast you prevent sagging and you become brighter and more cheerful. If you don't give yourself time to eat something in the morning or you don't get a bite in your throat, don't be surprised if you get a dip in the course of the morning or almost fall asleep behind you in the middle of the afternoon desk. Nutritionists say breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king, and dine like a bum. This indicates how important breakfast is.

Why breakfast is good

  1. There are many people who leave the house with an empty stomach and end up with too little energy during the day. It has been scientifically proven that if you have a good breakfast, you can avoid overeating later in the day - especially in the evening. Heavy dining can also seriously disrupt sleep. A good breakfast contains a quarter of the daily vitamins and minerals. This ensures that the body produces all kinds of vitamins, including vitamin B, which your sleep hormones produce.

If you want to lose weight

  1. If you are on a weight loss diet, breakfast is also essential as you make the digestion work harder and later in the day less likely to tempt you into mostly unhealthy foods . A breakfast makes it easier for you to maintain a diet, because of a satiated feeling that breakfast gives. If you never eat breakfast, your body will go into a kind of power save mode. When you consume food, your body will use it very sparingly, making it less likely to burn.

Burning in the body at night

  1. It's seven in the morning, you just woke up, and the last thing you ate might be the dinner or the slice of cheese at nine in the evening. Metabolism slows down during sleep, but energy is still needed to keep the body going. This is especially true for your brain. Your heart also has to keep beating and you have to keep breathing. During sleep, the supply of glucose in your liver is used and not replenished. That's why you need a good breakfast to replenish this.

Refuel again

  1. By waking up to eat something as soon as possible, you immediately put your digestive system to work and the glucose supply in your liver is replenished. This gives the brain enough fuel for it to function properly. It turns out that people who eat a good breakfast perform better mentally and orally and can concentrate better than people who don't. As a result, you feel better about yourself and you have more energy. Be careful not to eat too much lunch, as this can give you a dip in the afternoon.

The perfect breakfast

  1. An ideal breakfast will give you a mental and physical boost, but you should also get such a full feeling that you don't feel the urge to snack later. It is good to have a snack between the main meals in the form of, for example, a piece of fruit or a bowl of yogurt. This keeps digestion going. Choose a breakfast with lots of carbohydrates, little fat and enough fiber.

No appetite in the morning

  1. If you really don't feel like eating in the morning, you still have to train yourself to get something. It is often a matter of getting used to and if you persevere you will find that your body will ask for nutrition at some point. If you have a lack of appetite, you can start the day with a glass of (butter) milk, fruit juice or a drinking breakfast. Or you can make a smoothie from milk and fruit. If you haven't eaten much for breakfast, try eating later in the morning. For example, something mentioned in the above examples.

No time for breakfast

  1. People who get out of bed in the morning and are busy with things like the children and preparing for the day, claim that there is no time for breakfast. Preparing breakfast doesn't have to take long at all. How long does it take to grab a bowl of yogurt and eat it? Or take a breakfast bar or a banana in between. You may only need to get up five minutes earlier. If you really don't like this, eat a sandwich or dried fruit on the way to work. It may also be an option to prepare breakfast the night before; just take it out of the fridge and eat it.

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