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Herbs for a herb butter

  1. Herb butter is available in supermarkets. But why would you spend a relatively large amount of money yourself on something that you can make yourself much more delicious in an instant? Herb butter is typically something that it's nonsense to buy. You can easily prepare it yourself. Plus, after making it a few times, you can tailor it to your own taste. Many variations are possible with herb butter.


  1. How do you make a basic herb butter? Chives and parsley How do you make herb butter? Blurred lines of vegetables and herbs Wild herbs Add some Celtic salt Spicy herb butter Flower butter Tips for eating herb butter

How do you make a basic herb butter?

  1. You can easily make a herb butter yourself. First, you use a good quality butter; preferably organic butter. Never use soy butter, margarine or other fake butters. Plain butter is still the most healthy and, contrary to what many people think, fat does not make you fat. Fats are easy to digest. They are sugar and white flour products that make you fat. Back to the herb butter. There are various types of herbs that you can use to make your own herb butter.

Chives and parsley

  1. Herb butter can be made from herbs that everyone knows, such as chives and parsley. However, there are many more herbs to use in a herb butter. Try experimenting with oregano, dill, or rosemary. These are well-known kitchen herbs that fit perfectly in a homemade herb butter. You don't have to put a lot of it through; just a little is enough.

How do you make herb butter?

  1. You can make herb butter by chopping green herbs. You use a large cleaver for this. Immediately after chopping, mix the herbs with butter by mashing the butter and herbs together. You can keep this butter in the fridge for a few days.

Blurred lines of vegetables and herbs

  1. Besides making herb butter with kitchen herbs, you can prepare herb butter with all kinds of wild vegetables or herbs. The dividing line between vegetables and herbs is not really clearly defined. In principle, you can use all green herbs as a vegetable. Sometimes an herb is even the basis of a vegetable. The vegetable celery is grown from a celery plant. Of course the celeriac also comes from this plant.

Wild herbs

  1. Below are a number of plants that you can use as a herb in a herb butter. If these herbs can be used as vegetables, they also have medicinal properties. If you want to know more about the medicinal aspects of one of the plants below, click on the link. Nowadays less and less plants grow in the wild. Therefore, you can grow these herbs in an herb garden to use them.

Add some Celtic salt

  1. To make a herb butter extra tasty, you can add some Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. That makes the butter a bit salty, but with healthy salt. Before mixing with the butter you can grind the salt, which is sometimes coarse grain, with a mortar. Moreover, you eat the butter on toast or sandwich and bread and salt are a good combination.

Spicy herb butter

  1. People who like spicy dishes can add red pepper or black pepper to a herb butter. That makes a herb butter extra hot and spicy. You just have to add ground pepper and chop a hot pepper. Hot pepper has a predominant taste; takes that into account. It is also a good idea to add turmeric to herb butter. The butter turns bright yellow from this. Turmeric is also good for the liver.

Flower butter

  1. Flowers are to die for. You can use flowers to make a delicious butter that is not for sale in stores. There are many edible flowers. Dandelions, daisies, calendula, nasturtiums, lavender and ground ivy are plants whose flowers can be used to make butter. In fact, any edible flower is eligible. All fillable flowers make an excellent ingredient for a herb butter.

Tips for eating herb butter

  1. In principle, you can put herb butter on a savory sandwich with Dutch cheese. A herb butter is also delicious with bread that you eat with soup. Enjoying a toast with homemade herb butter in the evening is a lot healthier than eating chips. Herb butter goes with everything; you can even smear a slice of cucumber or a stalk of celery with herb butter.

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