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Herpes Infection

  1. One of the biggest fears when you have herpes is that you will infect someone else with the herpes virus. However, having herpes does not mean that you automatically transmit the virus to your partner / friend or family.

  1. Transmission of the herpes virus mainly occurs when you are exposed to the virus at the wrong time.

Cold sore contagion

  1. If you search the internet about the contagiousness of herpes, you will find many reactions and websites with information about the herpes virus. However, a distinction must be made between the contagiousness of a cold sore and genital herpes. You get cold sores when there is direct contact between the skin.

  1. That means if someone has a cold sore and kisses you on the mouth, chances are very high that you will also get the herpes virus from a cold sore. Herpes is once very contagious because it is a VIRUS. And just like a flu virus, it can travel by air.

  1. The best thing to do when you feel a tingling sensation or have an existing cold sore is hygiene. Purchase a special cold sore plaster to cover the wound and combine with anti-viral ointments, herpotherm and natural cold sore suppressant supplements.

  1. This will reduce the incubation time and speed up healing!

Genital herpes infection

  1. The biggest risk of getting genital herpes is when your partner doesn't know if he / she has the herpes virus in them. It often happens that the herpes virus has never become active, which automatically makes you think you are herpes-free.

  1. There are plenty of reports on the internet of people who got genital herpes during sex and were not aware that their partner has herpes. If you are not sure whether you have herpes, it is very wise to have both tested with a blood test at the doctor!

  1. [!Pullquote] Knowledge about the herpes virus makes the difference! [!/ Pullquote]

  1. It is not without reason that genital herpes is high on the list of STIs in the Netherlands. The risk of genital herpes is dramatically increased when you regularly have unsafe sex and don't know if your partner has herpes. Getting tested with a doctor can make a big difference!

  1. The good news is that a LOT you can do to prevent infection by taking some simple precautions:

  1. First of all, safe sex! A condom can reduce the risk of contamination by up to 30%. In combination with anti-viral agents (extra 50%) you can reduce the risk even further, so that the chance of contamination is very minimal. If you have a herpes outbreak, you better avoid sex temporarily until it's gone.

  1. It can also happen when you have a cold sore and it comes into contact with someone else's genitals that this person gets genital herpes. In addition, it can also happen that the herpes virus is transmitted when there are no symptoms.

  1. It is therefore extra important when you feel a tingling, burning sensation without a blister, already take proactive measures to stop the herpes virus early. This mainly happens with cold sores when the symptoms are not yet clearly visible.


  1. It is also possible that a newborn child gets the herpes virus. It is important to check whether the herpes virus is active before delivery to avoid infecting the child. Fortunately, the chance is quite small that the child can become infected through the vagina. Good open cooperation with your doctor / gynecologist is very important!


  1. If you suffer from herpes or think you may have herpes, it is important to get tested by a doctor. This allows you to take a number of measures and the chance of infecting someone else is dramatically reduced. You will also have to tell your partner that you have herpes and it can certainly be difficult.

  1. Don't forget that there is nothing wrong with herpes because a lot of people have it! Finally, I also advise you to start strengthening your resistance so that outbreaks occur much less. This will also make you less likely to infect someone else with the virus!

  1. For more tips on herpes and what to do about it, take a look at my blog.

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