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How do I extend the life of my bra?

  1. Almost every woman wears a bra. So there are one or more in the wash every week. Washing is an art in itself. Almost every woman washes and dries her bra differently. Moreover, a new bra often costs a lot of money. We try to use our favorite bra for as long as possible. With a few tips you can make your bra last longer.

How long does a bra last?

  1. Connoisseurs indicate that a bra will last about 6 to 10 months. This only if it is properly taken care of, otherwise it will need to be replaced even faster.


  1. Since we wear our bras every day, we will have to wash them often. How you wash a bra can make a big difference in its lifespan. It is therefore the intention to do this as gently as possible and still obtain a clean bra.

Hand wash vs. machine

  1. In general, it is better to wash the bra by hand. This is because the washing machine leaves the bra lying around, which can cause it to lose its elasticity and shape. Think especially of preformed bras. The bra can also change color slightly in a washing machine. Better to wash a bra in lukewarm to warm water. Hot water is of no benefit to washing. It is also best to use a washing powder that is suitable for delicate fabrics. This way you can be sure that it will not damage your bra. It is also very important to sort your bras by color. Never wash a red bra with a white or a blue bra together. This can lead to discoloration. When you wash the bra, it is also better not to rub too hard. Instead, soak the bra in the water with washing powder for a few minutes. After soaking, rinse the bra with cold water and let it dry open on the washing wire. Don't wring out the padded bra at the end. This causes it to lose its shape.

How often wash?

  1. On average, it is recommended to wash it every 4 days that you have worn the bra. You can of course choose to wash it earlier. Especially when you alternate, after wearing your bra for 4 days is a good time to wash it.

Drying the bra

  1. You should never put a bra in the dryer. This is because then the elasticity and shape is lost. Moreover, your bra cannot withstand these high temperatures. Then all the caution we put into washing was in vain. So it is better to let your bra dry on a drying rack. Never hang your bra with clothespins. This can also affect the shape. Instead, place it with the cups open on a drying rack or on a towel. Never wring your bra off. This changes the shape of your bra. Also ironing the bras out of the question.

Stowing a bra

  1. Storing a bra properly is also important. This partly determines the lifespan of a bra. For example, it is important that with a padded bra you do not press the cups together, but place them in your closet with the cups open. Therefore, carefully put your bra back in the correct shape with your hand. You can then simply put your different bras on top of each other. A bra that is not preformed can be folded in half and placed in the closet.

Wearing a bra

  1. New bra You always wear a new bra with the loops that are most loose. After a while you can put your hooks in a tighter loop. That way, your bra will continue to adjust properly.


  1. Alternating bras is very important. It requires a larger investment in the beginning, but you will be able to enjoy your favorite bra for longer. Wear a different bra every day. For example, you can change three bras every day. That way the other two bras have time to rest when you have a third on. Make sure that you have not sweated too hard throughout the day. If you have been sweating hard during the day and you let your bra rest for a few days before wearing it again, the sweat can soak into the fabric. This makes it more difficult to wash and the sweat will also work on the fabric. It is better to wash this bra immediately.

When is my bra due for replacement?

  1. There are a number of signs that you know your bra needs to be replaced. The most important sign is that you feel that your breasts are not properly supported. Furthermore, your bra no longer feels tight. You also notice that it has become a lot looser than a newer bra. Often you already have it on the most fixed brackets, but it does not yet offer enough support. Another sign is that your bra straps keep falling off because your bra has become too loose. Some try to solve this by repositioning the shoulder straps, but this does not help. Your support in your back will only be less. You should also replace your bra if there is any visible damage. Think of braces that poke your skin a bit or a piece of fabric that has really become too thin. It is also important to take a good look at your cups. Your breasts will never be the same size all your life. This is also not possible given the hormone fluctuations during your life. If you feel that your cups are getting too small or you are getting just too much space, it is better to buy a new bra.

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