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How do you recognize a real Louis Vuitton?

  1. The designer brand Louis Vuitton is very popular all over the world. Many women do much more than their monthly salary. Some women have been saving for a real Louis Vuitton for years. The great thing about a Louis Vuitton is that the bag is so timeless. For example, the Speedy has been in the collection since 1932 and when you finally save it together, you still don't run the risk of it going out of style the following year. So it is actually quite logical that this bag is one of the most imitated models. Fair is fair: it is quite difficult to distinguish a fake from a real one. So the danger is that you buy a counterfeit for a few hundred euros, assuming that you are wearing a real one.

Where from?

  1. There are two official Louis Vuitton stores in the Netherlands, both located in Amsterdam. One shop on the P.C. Hooftstraat, and a shop in De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. If you buy your Louis Vuitton there, you can be sure that it is the real one. You could also succeed online, but you only have 100% certainty through the original Louis Vuitton website.

The price

  1. If you still want to buy a Louis Vuitton somewhere else, pay attention to the price first. A new bag around 200 euros is actually always a fake. Louis Vuitton never holds a sale and has no offers as a bait. It is more likely that a popular bag in the Louis Vuitton collection will increase in price rather than decrease.

The handle

  1. Look carefully at the handle: First of all, the handles of a new genuine Louis Vuitton are never wrapped in paper or plastic.

The packaging

  1. The dust bag that your bag is in when you buy it always only has the logo or only Louis Vuitton on it (of course neatly finished). The corners are never round and the fabric and the finish of the dust bag are always of good quality. A Louis Vuitton never has labels and cheap strings with a piece of fabric from the bag attached to the bag.

The logo

  1. Here you can quickly distinguish real from counterfeit if you know what to look out for. A bag is always made from one piece of fabric, so it is unavoidable that the logo on the back of the bag is upside down. The logo is always symmetrical on the bag and the logo will not be half on the bag.

The inside

  1. The inside of a Louis Vuitton is again of a nice quality. The makers of counterfeit often don't pay much attention to the inside. If the inside is cheap suede or plastic-like fabric, it is a fake. Also

Made in ...

  1. Check the original website where your Louis Vuitton was made and compare it with what is on the picture inside. the bags are only made in France, Spain, Germany and America. So all other countries are incorrect. Don't fall for the names of cities, such as Made in Paris. Paris is not a country.

The stitching

  1. Small imperfections do not occur in an original Louis Vuitton. The stitching will be exactly the same, exactly straight and exactly the same as on the rest of the bag. Run your fingers over the fabric: Do you feel imperfections and does it feel rough and bumpy? Then you are dealing with a fake. The stitching on a Louis Vuitton will feel smooth and even.

The hardware

  1. The material is again of a beautiful, heavy quality. Usually this is a gold or bronze color. The zippers have the logo, compare this with a real Louis Vuitton via the original site. Remember that a Louis Vuitton is manufactured with great care, so the clasp and the zipper are hand engraved. Check with a magnifying glass if this was done neatly and not by machine.

Does it feel good?

  1. If you feel any doubt when you see the bag, it is best to listen to your feelings. For example, if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. If the seller has hundreds of bags in stock, you will have to question that too, because the original Louis Vuittons are quite rare and difficult to obtain.

  2. If you feel any doubt when you see the bag, it is best to listen to your feelings. For example, if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. If the seller has hundreds of bags in stock, you will also question that

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