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How healthy is an egg cake if you want to lose weight?

  1. The egg cake has been a very popular snack in the Netherlands since 2007. The egg cake is also very popular if you want to lose weight. Yet the question is whether an egg cake as a snack is now that healthy. Because diet guru Sonja Bakker has introduced the egg cake as a healthy snack, people are under the impression that a healthy snack is being chosen. Has a healthy choice been made for the egg cake as a snack? Studies have shown that the egg cake contains quite a lot of calories compared to other snacks. As a result, the question is regularly asked: "How healthy is the egg cake really?"

The egg cake and Sonja Bakker

  1. People have been working on their body weight for years and were very happy with the recommendation, take an egg cake as a snack, from weight consultant Sonja Bakker.

Sonja Bakker

  1. Weight consultant Sonja Bakker managed to gain a lot of fame by publishing her first book. The book has the ideal title: "Reach Your Ideal Weight!". The 2005 book, filled with strict weekly menus that the author says should be the key to weight reduction, sold more than 400,000 copies. From the second week of 2006 to March 2007, the book was continuously in the top 10 of the most sold books in the Netherlands. In 2007 and 2008, Sonja Bakker's diet was the most popular diet in the Netherlands. In her book "Summer Slim with Sonja", the diet guru introduced the egg cake as a very healthy snack. The result was therefore an increase in the demand for egg cakes. Due to the many followers of Sonja Bakker's diet, the supermarkets could not buy the egg cakes sufficiently at that time. Often the shelves were only for sale in the morning after the compartments were filled. As a rule, the filled egg cakes turned out to be sold after a few hours.


  1. After a number of years of immense popularity, Sonja Bakker's popularity began to decline sharply at the end of 2008. As a result, the sales of her books also dropped sharply in 2008. According to the booksellers with 80%. In September 2009 Sonja Bakker announced that she would stop most of her activities as of January 1, 2010. The decline in her popularity is mainly due to the doubts that nutritionists and other diet gurus had about Sonja Bakker's recommended diets. For example, in 2008, the University of Wageningen published a study in which Sonja Bakker's diet came out as the lowest. Sonja Bakker's successor, Dr. Frank did not hide his doubts about Sonja Bakker's diet. Dr. Frank quickly conquered the Dutch diet market with his new insights.

Dr. Frank and the egg cake

  1. As a result of the new insights and research results, Sonja Bakker's diet was increasingly viewed critically. As a result, nowadays the egg cake, beloved by Sonja Bakker, is increasingly being scrutinized and criticized as a snack. For example, Dr. Frank in December 2011, in his weekly column in the Telegraph, know that an oliebol would be even healthier than an egg cake. (also read the article: The oliebol healthier than an egg cake). The egg cake was a very popular in-between product in Sonja Bakker's diet. This is because the egg cake has a very low fat content. However, not only a low fat content is important for health. When looking at whether or not a product is healthy, the sugar content of a food product must also be taken into account. And also with the number of carbohydrates. It is precisely the hidden sugars that a product contains that often ensure that people gain weight. While people often think that they are dieting and eating healthy. It has been found that an egg cake also contains many hidden sugars. It turns out that an egg cake, converted into sugar cubes, contains about 4 sugar cubes. The sugars contained in an egg cake are very quickly converted into energy. The body cannot process this energy at rest so quickly and the body will therefore store the consumed sugars as reserve fat. This reserve fat is therefore the fat that makes people fat.

Nutritional values ​​egg cake

  1. It is important to know the nutritional values ​​when eating products and what the effects of eating certain products can be on the body.

Healthy snacks to replace an egg cake

  1. According to experts, an occasional egg cake does no harm at all. However, for an egg cake, as with so many other in-between products, eat an egg cake in moderation. With the scientific insights from 2012, the question is therefore whether an egg cake should be eaten as a regular snack.

Some alternative snacks to replace an egg cake are:

  1. Rice cake Rusk with cheese 20+ Tomatoes Slice of gingerbread Apple Bowl of low-fat yogurt

Low-carbohydrate diet

  1. Incidentally, it must be stated that the choice of the best snack strongly depends on the diet chosen by the person concerned. So when choosing a low-carbohydrate diet, it is highly advisable to opt for a snack without carbohydrates, for example.

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