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How healthy is buttermilk really?

  1. Buttermilk; In the past you probably raised your nose for it, but this sour substance is really worth drinking more often! In terms of nutritional value it may look a lot like regular milk, but if we look a little closer there are indeed differences.

  1. And it is precisely those differences that make (traditional) buttermilk just that little bit healthier. You do have to pay attention to which variant you buy, because the differences are large! What Makes Buttermilk Healthy? We'll tell you more about it in this blog post!

Traditional variant

  1. If you've read our blog about butter, a bell will probably ring when the word â € ˜carneâ € ™ in buttermilk. Originally it is considered as a by-product of butter.

  1. When making butter, milk is first skimmed and then churned; this is the further separation of the cream and the moisture still present. The remaining cream is the basis for butter. At the time, a destination was also found for the moisture. Indeed, that's what buttermilk was made from.

  1. This is the traditional way of making buttermilk. This process has now been simplified and fats are extracted from milk in the dairy factory and lactic acid bacteria are then added. These bacteria cause the milk to ferment and the lactose present is converted into lactic acid, resulting in buttermilk.


  1. Unfortunately, sugars, sometimes in the form of lactose (milk sugar), are then added again to boost the somewhat watery taste. This applies to many types of buttermilk that are available in the supermarket.

  1. If you want the real â € ˜old-fashionedâ € ™ variety, you probably have the best chance at the health food store. In this case, don't let the term â € ˜biologicalâ € ™ fool you. This does not say anything about the method of production, but only something about the cows from which the used milk comes from.


  1. Buttermilk is a popular dairy product not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. Often referred to by the name â € butter milkâ € ™. Americans in particular love their 'buttermilk' and use it extensively to make pancake batter. You should definitely try that! Not everyone is a fan of the slightly tart taste, but there are a number of good reasons to drink (traditional) buttermilk more often!

Is Buttermilk Healthy?

  1. Whether buttermilk is healthy? The answer is yes! Compared to regular milk - not so much skimmed milk - it contains less fat and is therefore a lean dairy product. It also contains less lactose. In this case we are talking about the traditionally manufactured buttermilk, which unfortunately is a bit more difficult to obtain. The disadvantage of the modern variant is the additives, especially in the form of sugar. So read the labels carefully!

  1. Below three more reasons to drink more buttermilk!

  1. Good health starts with healthy intestines! Fermented dairy products such as buttermilk and yogurt contain lactic acid bacteria that make a positive contribution to the acidity in your intestines. Good bacteria (probiotics) have a better chance to do their job, which will certainly benefit your resistance.

  1. Buttermilk is rich in potassium: 100 grams easily contain 150 milligrams of potassium. This healthy mineral keeps your blood pressure in balance. It also helps to properly conduct nerve impulses and to contract the muscles (contraction). In addition to potassium, the sour dairy product also contains calcium, B vitamins and proteins.

  1. Because lactic acid bacteria have converted the present lactose into milk, the proportion of lactose in buttermilk is much lower than in regular milk. Some people with lactose intolerance can therefore tolerate buttermilk better. Watch out for added sugar in the form of lactose!


  1. If you really don't like buttermilk, you can always use it as a care product. Ideal as a base for a facial mask or to cool your skin after a day in the sun!

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