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Is dried fruit healthy?

  1. Dried fruit is for sale in more and more places: ordinary supermarkets often offer all kinds of variants. This fruit is often touted as an incredibly healthy choice and it's tempting to believe that right away - after all, it's fruit, what could be wrong with that?

  1. Yet there are a few catches in the grass. In this article we will list the facts for you: what is good about dried fruit, what is not so good and how and when can you best eat it?

Vitamins and minerals

  1. Fruit is packed with vitamins, and for that reason many people assume that the dried variety will also contain all kinds of healthy substances. Unfortunately, that is a bit disappointing: drying in a warm oven causes many vitamins to be lost, including all vitamin C. Yet it is also not the case that healthy fruit does nothing for your health.

  1. The vitamins B1 and B6 are retained despite drying, and dried fruit is also rich in minerals such as folic acid, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium. These are all substances your body needs to function properly.

Fiber and antioxidants

  1. Another benefit of dried fruits is the high amount of soluble and insoluble fiber they contain. These are indispensable substances in any diet: they keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and ensure that your bowel movements remain good. In addition, fiber helps keep your blood sugar relatively stable.

  1. Certain fruits also contain many antioxidants, which are also retained after drying: think of blueberries, raisins and cranberries, for example. Antioxidants ensure that harmful substances in your body are ineffective. This reduces inflammation in the body and protects HDL, the â € cholesterolgoodâ € ™ cholesterol.

Sugar and other additives

  1. Unfortunately there is also a downside to eating dried fruit! First, a lot of sugar is often added during drying to preserve the sweet fruit flavor. That means that the sugars in dried fruits are often not nearly as natural as people think. In addition, sometimes substances are added that keep the fruit a nice color â € “better for sales, but worse for your body.

  1. So make sure you always check the ingredients list to avoid consuming too many refined sugars and other additives! Fortunately, the fruit sugars that are naturally present in fruits are a lot less harmful thanks to the many fibers.

  1. Dried fruits are also a good source of energy, so it is suitable for athletes without getting all the chemicals and refined sugar found in sports drinks and similar products.

Dried fruit healthy or not?

  1. How healthy dried fruit exactly is, ultimately depends on the quality and the amount of sugar added to it. In any case, you can almost always say it's a lot better for you than regular candy!

  1. It is therefore an ideal snack: you can take it with you easily, it is sweet and even children often love the taste. Just make sure you don't eat it too often - just like candy - because natural fruit sugars aren't very good for you in large quantities.

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