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Is Heinz Sandwich Spread healthy?

  1. Healthy eating is important for health. A very good trend as there is a lot of obesity in today's society. Many products are questioned whether they are actually good for the human body. Sandwich Spread from the Heinz brand is such a product. It is made from different types of vegetables and that vegetables are healthy is clear, but it does come from a jar (not fresh) so there may be doubts. So is Sandwich Spread healthy?

What is Sandwich Spread?

  1. Sandwich Spread is a spread created by Heinz. It mainly serves as a bread and toast topping. Sandwich Spread is made of different kinds of vegetables, which all sounds very healthy, but if you look at the ingredients list of the Heinz Sandwich Spread Natural you will see that it is not only made of vegetables:

Sandwich Spread, healthy or unhealthy?

  1. Per 100 gram Natural Tomato spring onion Cucumber Spicy vegetables Energy 975 kJ (235 kcal) 770 kJ (185 kcal) 675 kJ (165 kcal) 930 kJ (225 kcal) Fat 19 g 12 g 12 g 15 g Of which saturated 1.3 g 1 g 0.8 g 1 g Carbohydrates 15 g 16 g 12 g 20 g Of which sugars 14 g 15 g 11 g 18 g Dietary fiber 0.8 g 0.8 g 0.8 g 1.1 g Proteins 1.6 g 1.5 g 1.5 g 1.7 g Salt 2 g 1.9 g 1.9 g 1.9 g

Lots of sugar

  1. The Spicy Vegetable Sandwich Spread from Heinz contains the most sugar. This spread consists of 18% sugar. This equates to 12 sugar cubes. There is also a lot of fat in this spread. Heinz himself, however, calls it a nice light spread. Too much sugar is not good for your health. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to obesity.

Few vegetables

  1. The jar of the Natural Sandwich Spread shows large peppers. However, there is only 2% of bell pepper in this spread. The rest is filled with white cabbage and pickle. This looks like a very misleading packaging since white cabbage and pickle are not shown as a picture on the packaging.

​​Low in fiber and protein

  1. ​​You won't get full of Sandwich Spread quickly as it contains hardly any protein and fiber. This is much more filling than fat.

Lots of salt

  1. In addition to sugar, Sandwich Spread also contains a lot of salt. Too much salt is not good for your health as it can cause high blood pressure.

Thickener in Sandwich Spread

  1. Sandwich Spread contains thickener. Thickener doesn't sound like a very healthy additive, but is it right? For example, Sandwich Spread contains guar gum. Guar gum comes from the seeds of the guar plant. Guar gum is a safe thickener that is also used in ice cream, for example. You can even buy it in loose bags as it works well to keep cholesterol at normal levels.

Which Sandwich Spread is the Healthiest?

  1. It is clear that Sandwich Spread contains a lot of fat and sugar. But what if you really love Sandwich Spread, which one is the healthiest?


  1. Sandwich Spread appears to be a healthy product. Especially how the Heinz brand puts it on the market. For example, many types of vegetables are depicted on the packaging. This gives a distorted picture as there is a lot of sugar and salt in Sandwich Spread. You don't have to completely ban Sandwich Spread, of course, but you will have to see if it fits into your current diet. If you still want to consume Sandwich Spread, it is best to choose the cucumber variety as it contains the highest percentage of vegetables.

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